Neil Doncaster calls for tougher action on Rangers’ bottle throwers after Ibrox’s shameful scenes

SPFL CEO Neil Doncaster has called for tougher action against fans following glass bottle throwing incidents in Sunday’s clash between Rangers and Celtic.

The start of the second half was delayed by Celtic goalkeeper Joe Hart who reported splinters of broken glass into the mouth of the goal after a bottle was thrown onto the pitch and other objects rained down as guest star Jota took a kick off. ‘corner.

A behind-the-scenes staff member at Celtic needed stitches after being shot in the head on his way to the tunnel, as the guests won the match 2-1 with six games to go. .

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon called the authorities’ actions “unacceptable” and Now Doncaster also commented.

He told the Times: “Strict accountability simply doesn’t work, as the repeated sanctions for some clubs in UEFA competitions every season clearly demonstrate.

“The answer is that there needs to be more regular use of football ban orders and much tougher and more targeted sanctions for those who commit the crime, including prison sentences if necessary.

“There are two main forms of strict liability recommended, neither of which will work.

The first is to sanction the home club for any infraction on their own field, both away and home. Unfortunately, this will encourage some away fans to get into trouble knowing the home clubs will be penalized for it. will inevitably lead to clubs. Refusing to sell tickets to visiting fans, with a clear negative impact on our game.

Secondly, holding clubs strictly accountable for the behavior of their away fans, which will lead to clubs refusing to sell tickets to their fans for other reasons for fear of punishment for their misconduct.

“A substantial investment by clubs in CCTV technology means that it is much easier to detect and act on incidents caused by a small minority of fans who misbehave. Clubs, football authorities and the vast majority of good fans hate the actions of those who commit criminal acts. Games.

“Only by targeting these people directly and punishing them to the fullest extent permitted by law can we provide a meaningful and effective deterrent.”

Source: Herald Scotland