Chris Sutton explodes “absurd” idea that Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou couldn’t make it in England

CELTIC hero Chris Sutton has criticized the idea that Ange Postecoglou will not be able to lead the Premier League.

The Australian arrived on British shores last June when Hoops was chosen as Neil Lennon’s successor.

The former Australian national team gaffer arrived with a great pedigree but had doubts about him due to his lack of managerial experience in Europe.

Postecglou has proven himself and more in his ten-month tenure so far by winning the Premier Sports Cup and even a Premiership title seems increasingly likely.

Not to mention the complete gameplay change he has implemented and his impressive recruiting to date.

However, former Celtic striker Sutton had a heated argument on the BBC with former Manchester City player Micah Richards over whether Postecglou could cut southern mustard.

“Are you serious?” Sutton asked. she said. Do you think you can do it at this level?

“We are talking about a man with an incredible track record, but in Australia and Japan he is being teased for having a past. I’m not saying you’re kidding him.

I say people laugh at him and now we wonder if he’s ready to take a job in the Premier League. What else must he do? ”

Richards responded by saying he was referring specifically to a Manchester City-type club.

Sutton added: “Wait, Aston Villa got Steven Gerrard, okay?

“And now things are not going so well for Aston Villa. Has Ange Postecoglou done more in his managerial career than Steven Gerrard?

“Arsen Wenger? Arsene Wenger was unknown, right?

“Arsene Wenger was laughed at, ‘a school teacher’ was laughed at. It was then that Arsene Wenger took over Arsenal and what kind of career he had.

So why do we doubt that Ange Postecglou, who led his national team in a World Cup, will be successful in the Premier League? I find it absurd “.

Source: Herald Scotland