Bonnyrigg Rose cites concerns over “pyramid integrity” as they reveal more than 90% of fans against Celtic and Rangers B teams

LOWLAND LEAGUE Champion Bonnyrigg Rose cited “pyramid integrity” as a key factor in their vote not to allow Celtic and Rangers B teams to compete in the league next season, with fans overwhelmingly opposed to. inclusion of “guest clubs”. .

The club confirmed in a statement that it is one of four clubs to vote against the motion to restore teams next season, with 11 clubs voting yes.

East Stirlingshire were another club that confirmed their opposition to the offers and the original promotion of their Old Firm B squad was billed for just one season.

Bonnyrigg Rose explained: “We had just over double the response from the previous season, but the results were generally similar, with over 90% of votes against the motion, so we can confirm that we are one of the four clubs that voted. . etc [on Monday] night.

“We released the result of our vote prior to last season’s meeting and our members rejected the motion again for similar reasons. We have been consistent in our thinking about pyramid integrity since returning to the top leagues in 2018, so we voted for further promotion seats in the SLFL last month and were subsequently dismissed with the immediate resignation of our board member. administration of the SLFL.

In both cases the process was democratic and even if we were on the other side, these are the decisions that the clubs are absolutely right. ”

East Stirlingshire also confirmed that their decision was based on strong fan opposition and said in a statement: “In the past few days we have received advice from our subscribers, regular fans and sponsors on the opinions of their remaining visiting clubs. another season beyond the first agreement

“Our support has been clear that this is not something they may want to continue. And so, in tonight’s vote, we voted against visiting clubs continuing another season.

“We know that both visiting clubs have seen huge gains in the first year for player development and potentially for national teams as well. Our fans are our club and we are grateful for their feedback and help in our decision making process.

We respect and respect the votes of other Lowland League members to continue with visiting clubs. We will be hosting all the clubs for the new 2022/23 season.

Meanwhile, Hearts is considering an offer to field their own team of “foals” in the Lowland League after voting to allow visiting teams to participate, with no replacement leagues available to develop young talent and gain competitive play time for the players. leading players.

Celtic and Rangers paid £ 25,000 last season for their foal teams to compete in the division, and it appears Hearts is now exploring the possibility of doing the same.

Source: Herald Scotland