Reserve announces tennis NFT that can remain in a vault until 2030

The Reserva brand announced the creation of an NFT related to a real sneaker, which can remain in a company vault until 2030, in case the collector wants to leave their item there until the future.

The Brazilian fashion brand, based in Rio de Janeiro, has been open to innovation with the technology of digital collectibles since 2021.

On the occasion, Reserva fans were able to purchase items to enter the metaverse of the company, which is owned by Ar&Co and the Arezzo Group and has several other associated brands.

Since 2021, the company, founded by the Brazilian Rony Meisler, has been exploring the possibilities in the sector, which is now also reaching out to shoes and clothing.

Reserva launches physical and digital tennis NFT

Imagine buying a sneaker and not using it until 2030, when the safe giving access to the item is opened? This is the strategy Reserva used in launching a new collection for its fans in the coming days.

Reserve's NFT Series Spriz
Reserve’s NFT Series Spriz. Photo: disclosure.

Called Spriz NFT Series, the collection will be launched by ReservaX, the company’s brand associated with the brand’s digital strategies.

Reserva will launch the sporty version of the Reserva sport in October, which now integrates the physical and digital world into the metaverse.

Under the motto “What’s yours is kept” NFT owners can choose to pick up the shoe or store and vacuum pack it in the reserve’s dedicated vault until 2030.allowing it to be appreciated over the years without deteriorating.

Following the success of its latest release, which sold out in less than 12 hours, the brand is now launching its first limited edition Phygital product of its iconic sneaker. In 4 models, ReservaX presents the Spriz Asphalt, Citadel, Stellar and Turmoil, each with unique and exclusive features of this release.

Holders of the reserve’s collection join the community

The so-called NFTs are digital collectibles that have a unique blockchain record. In the case of Reserva, they are all registered in Ethereum and can then be traded on various digital platforms.

In addition, all owners of the Spriz NFT series and its previous collection, the Pistol Birds, will join a club of exclusive benefits with the Reserve, which includes: discounts, exclusive store, mentoring with the brand’s CEO, courses and many news.

Owners of the first collection (Pistol Birds) can purchase the new collection at a discount. Reserva is one of the first Brazilian fashion brands to launch NFTs, but it wasn’t the first to launch a version of a digital shoe.

Havaianas, for example, launched this novelty for its fans in 2021, showing that more and more brands are using blockchain to innovate.

Source: Live Coins