FTX President Leaves Office to Become Only Advisor

The president of FTX in the United States, Brett Harrison, resigned after a year at the helm of the company, months after sparking a controversy with regulators in the country for which he apologized for the mistake.

This broker is one of the largest in the world in the cryptocurrency market, after a rapid growth in its business and the beginning of its activities in several countries such as Brazil for example.

In the US, the broker has a strong presence, in a very rigid market with companies in the sector.

The company recently moved its headquarters to the Bahamas after the unfavorable weather in Hong Kong. It is noteworthy that the location is close to Miami, which is also a strategic location for the company in the US.

President of FTX US leaves office and indicates he will only be an advisor to the brokerage business

In a lengthy explanation on his Twitter, Brett Harrison stated that he is stepping down from the post of president to take a position as a brokerage adviser. On his LinkedIn, he has already updated his career, making it clear that he has already left the position.

“An announcement: I am stepping down as president of FTX. In the coming months I will transfer my responsibilities and take on an advisory role within the company.”

He was responsible for much of the growth of FTX’s US business as he took on a team of 3 employees and left the position when more than 100 people worked with the company.

Brett said he will continue to help FTX close the year in a transition phase, but will then move on to other projects. The executive has accumulated extensive experience in his position and will certainly be able to enter the market in any brokerage firm or continue with personal projects.

“I remain in the industry with the goal of removing technological barriers to full participation and maturation of global cryptocurrency markets, both centralized and decentralized.”

The United States Realty’s Headquarters Moved to Miami

In addition to the news that the president is stepping down, FTX announced last Tuesday that its headquarters in the United States will be moved to Miami.

In recent years, this city has attracted many innovation and cryptocurrency market companies. Publicly, the mayor of Miami welcomed the brokerage’s arrival, giving a “welcome to your home.”

“Very honored that their new US headquarters are moving to MIA. FTX is one of the most innovative companies in the world and you SBF is one of the most innovative technologists. Welcome home!”

So, with global headquarters in Nassau and US headquarters in Miami, FTX is aligning its operations to have its headquarters close by.

Source: Live Coins