Real digital may have released the first version this Thursday

Rumors released by a technology specialist indicate that the digital Real may launch its first version this Thursday (20), when the Central Bank of Brazil is expected to present the solution.

It is still unclear how the new currency will be released to Brazilians, as the Lift Challenge, which examines the technology, is still under development.

For example, the implementation of projects linked to digital reality by companies, which started at the beginning of September 2022 and will run until February 2023, should not yet have a final product.

Expert says Real digital will release the first version this Thursday

In his column on technology in Folha de São Paulo, specialist Ronaldo Lemos said that next Thursday the digital Real will release its first version by the BCB.

According to him, one of the members of the companies on the rise told an event abroad that the first emissions will take place on October 20, a milestone for the development of the project.

This is because the Central Bank of Brazil has raised suspicions about the project in recent months. One of the problems was the strike of Bacen servers, which slowed down the research and development of the project.

It is worth remembering that Brazil is a country of continental size, with a large part of the population still not having access to banking services.

After several clarifications and a public hearing in the National Congress, everything is on track to further develop the project and testing should be commonplace at this stage.

Central Bank of Brazil says its currency is a store of value

After rumors of the launch became public, the Central Bank of Brazil released some details about the technology via its Facebook page.

According to the municipality, the digital readl will be a new way to represent the currency in kind, giving Brazilians access to the new digital economy.

In addition, the BC said the digital real would be a “currency store – it retains its value over time,” despite the currency’s extreme devaluation since its inception, caused by inflation in the country.

In any case, Brazilians are waiting to use the digital currency, with plans indicating it will be possible as early as 2024.

Source: Live Coins