Lula wins NFT during Flow Podcast

While participating in the Flow Podcast program this Tuesday (18), presidential candidate Lula won a gift of a Brazilian NFT game, including a cap he used and even a digital collectible.

The 124th edition of Flow was Lula’s first and a long awaited event, according to presenter Igor 3k, who said he would be happy to talk to Brazil’s now presidential candidate, who won the first round. on October 2

For the chat, at the beginning of the program, Igor made the usual ads for the channel, which is supported by the Brazilian NFT game Universus.

Lula Wears NFT Game Cap During Flow Podcast Joking That “It’s Beautiful Now”

After introducing the guest of the evening, Flow presenter Igor spoke about the NFT game sponsoring his show.

Speaking of the game, which hasn’t been released yet, he ended up giving Lula a gift from Universus, which contained an NFT of the game and another cap.

Lula got the favor and jokingly noted that he was getting into fashion with the cap, which didn’t have much repercussions this time around.

In any case, Lula did not comment on the NFT received and did not seem to attach much importance to the item as he was preparing to participate in the program.

So it’s unclear if he’ll be interested in the technology after the show, which was still airing live at the time of writing.

What is an NFT game?

An NFT is a non-fungible token, a digital collectible, that is registered on a blockchain, giving its owner the guarantee of exclusivity over that good.

In 2021, NFTs moved billions of dollars in purchases and sales, this is the term chosen by a dictionary as the word of the year.

When the gamer industry saw the opportunity to use rare and exclusive items, the gamer industry quickly rushed to create mechanisms with NFTs, giving their players the opportunity to have items that could be traded or that gave them exclusive benefits during matches.

While this market has also been worth millions of dollars, many NFT games have not been a long-term success and are considered by many to be a high-risk market for investors.

Still, the gamer industry is already seeing several of the major brands in this sector moving in search of applications with such tokens. A Brazilian brand looking to innovate with NFTs is Havaianas, which launched a collection in 2021 and now in 2022.

Source: Live Coins