Bitcoin Playboy Charges After Holding Girlfriend in False Jail

The “Bitcoin Playboy”, Marlon Gonzalez Motta, who has already defrauded dozens of Brazilians with promises of income with cryptocurrencies, is now a defendant for holding his ex-girlfriend in false imprisonment.

Information about the case was released by Balanço Geral in the Federal District, who had access to the lawsuit filed by the woman Marlon was dating in 2019.

At the same time, he became famous after performing several scams with the image of bitcoin and living a luxurious life with clients’ money.

‘Bitcoin Playboy’ Is Defendant Again, Now In Lawsuit By Ex-Girlfriend

During his scams against bitcoin investors, Marlon Gonzalez, the bitcoin playboy, was also referred to as an extremely violent person.

And this violence was committed against his own girlfriend, who was threatened with death by him, according to a recent case that has repercussions on the Brazilian justice system.

According to the woman, whose name has not been revealed, Marlon is still messaging her through apps and social networks, even without living in the Federal District, with threatening content against her and her family.

In 2019, he even pointed a gun at the victim’s head and said the woman would be killed if she didn’t do what he told her to do. The lawsuit also accuses the bitcoin playboy of holding her in an apartment for several days with serious threats, so he is also responsible for the offense of false imprisonment.

The embezzler was charged by the Federal District Attorney’s Office, the authority overseeing the case. A recent court ruling forbids Marlon from texting his girlfriend and family.

O live coins did not find Marlon Gonzalez for comment, but the space remains open for demonstrations.

Presenter Said He’s A “Donkey Who Should Be Arrested”

Seeing Marlon attempt a woman’s life, Balanço Geral’s presenter called the embezzler a “donkey,” stating that he must be arrested before committing a physical crime against his ex-girlfriend.

Justice is already investigating the case, another that has been filed against the coup leader already accused of various scams in the Brazilian capital.

In early 2022, it’s worth remembering that justice has sentenced Bitcoin’s Playboy to jail for his scam, but he has not yet been arrested.

To avoid falling victim to scammers who promise high and quick profits with cryptocurrencies, it is important for investors to study and not trust third parties.

Source: Live Coins