Miner Attacks Bitcoin Clone, Leaving Empty Blocks

A single miner is causing major problems for developers, fans and investors of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), a famous Bitcoin (BTC) clone. According to onchain data, such a miner does not record transactions in its blocks, making the network completely slow.

The attack has intensified in recent weeks, with Craig Wright busy in court in a case against Hodlonaut, a man who called him a con man a few years ago.

Therefore, such a miner seems to attack, or at least make fun of the moment. After all, Craig Wright not only supports Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), but has also sued exchanges, claiming that BSV is the real Bitcoin.

Giant but empty blocks

Between 2015 and 2017, developers fought to change the size of Bitcoin blocks. Some argued that this was the way to increase the network’s capacity, but they failed to reach a consensus.

The conflict became known as “the block size war”, spawning Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with larger blocks, while keeping Bitcoin (BTC) as it was, with 1 MB blocks. Later, BCH supporters split in two again and created a third cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, today with blocks of 40 GB.

But even with that much space, many blocks don’t take transactions. Such an attack would be carried out by a single miner and intensified in recent weeks when Craig Wright lost a case against a man calling him a scammer.

Thirteen of the last 18 blocks of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) contain only 1 transaction.  Source: Coin Dance.
Thirteen of the last 18 blocks of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) contain only 1 transaction. Source: Coin Dance.

In the past, BSV had already faced 51% attacks, where transactions were reversed. However, in this case it seems that the miner is just trollnamely, making fun of Craig Wright and his supporters. After all, the only consequence of this attack is a gigantic wait time to confirm a transaction.

According to the website CoinGeek, a known supporter of BSV and Craig Wright, such an action can be considered a crime. They go further and mention that another organization wants to punish such a miner.

“Announcement: We are taking steps to freeze all block rewards related to breach of contract and will sue the responsible entity.”

Finally, it is worth noting that such a miner does not lose money by disregarding transaction fees. After all, these are very small in BSV, which is another flaw in this project. In one particular block, the anonymous miner left a message about it.

“Pay an appropriate fee. No spam from 0.05 sat/B. Money has value.”

On Twitter, critics of BSV joked about the situation, noting that the attack is carried out by a single person and that such a network has no security of any kind.

Source: Live Coins