XP, Nubank and BTG Current vacancies focused on cryptocurrencies

In recent days, the giants XP, Nubank and BTG Pactual have announced job openings in the cryptocurrency space. Banks are just some of the companies that have entered the Brazilian cryptocurrency market in recent months and have millions of customers using their services.

Therefore, these job openings are for professionals interested in working with crypto at major companies in the Brazilian financial market.

Therefore, the open positions show that such companies are looking to bolster their business even as the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a downturn in both bitcoin and other major currencies.

It is worth noting that the movement is not unanimous. After all, in recent months, several cryptocurrency exchanges have carried out massive layoffs, both in Brazil and other countries.

As of XP, Xtage has a vacancy for cryptocurrency marketing analyst

Xtage is a platform created by XP Investimentos, which opened its operations in August 2022 and traded bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Two months after its launch, the company is already looking for a professional “Full Marketing Analyst”, according to an advertisement consulted by the live coins.

“This opportunity is for the marketing field, whose mission is to communicate, inform and educate about the crypto asset universe in a simple and straightforward way. It will focus on building a new brand within the XP group.”

The professional must have knowledge of digital marketing and has a number of advantages, including for those who choose to work from home.

Nubank looks to its future with cryptocurrencies and seeks blockchain security expert

Nubank’s job posting was published days after the digital bank announced it is creating Nucoin, a proprietary cryptocurrency that should provide benefits to customers.

“We are creating a Blockchain security team. Nubank has started entering the Crypto world and we are looking for a Senior Specialist to join our team and secure future developments and initiatives.”

If the professional has previous experience of working in centralized or decentralized brokers, he will be seen as a differential. The vacancy of “Blockchain Security Engineer” (blockchain security engineer) is still available for interested parties.

In addition to the salary, Nubank offers various benefits to professionals.

BTG Pactual wants to improve customer service for cryptocurrencies with Mynt

BTG Pactual, another major Brazilian institution that entered the cryptocurrency market with Mynt, posted a job posting on LinkedIn for “Customer Experience Assistant”.

The contractor will be another member of the bank’s Digital Assets team, which offers trading of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to its customers.

In addition to knowledge in digital currency, professionals with knowledge of the financial market will have a differential in the vacancy, which offers a competitive salary and more benefits.

Cryptocurrency bank has 15 open positions

Aiming to make everyday use of cryptocurrencies uncomplicated and desirable, Capitual is a fintech that aims to break old paradigms about the market and make room for the financial freedom of the new economy.

For Guilherme Nunes, CEO of Banco Capitual, the company is growing and needs people who like to innovate.

“We are growing exponentially and we need people who enjoy creating new features quickly and with continuous improvement.”

Capital vacancies are available on their career website.

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