Twitter is developing cryptocurrency wallet, rumors point

Blogger Jane Manchun Wong, known for accurately revealing information about new features in various apps, reported that Twitter is developing a cryptocurrency wallet that will allow for both deposits and withdrawals.

“Twitter is working on a “wallet prototype” that will support “deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies””

Other sources point out that Bluesky, a division within Twitter, opened a selection last week for people who want to test beta versions of the app. Therefore, it is possible that Wong’s information was linked to these tests.

“It is clear that there is a lot of interest in a new approach to social media. We will be rolling out private beta invites in phases so that the protocol is scalable and we get user feedback along the way.”

Last week, the expansion of the so-called Tweet Tiles, another way to display tweets, was also unveiled.

According to information, Twitter is said to partner with the largest NFT marketplaces — such as OpenSea, Rarible, Magic Eden, Dapper Labs, and — to display collectibles in this new format within the social network.

“Today we start testing Tweet Tiles with @nytimes, @wsj and @guardian. With Tweet Tiles, developers can extend the Tweet experience and open up future innovations to our @TwitterDev developer community.”pointed out Twitter’s Amir Shevat in August and showed what the new feature will look like.

So while there isn’t much information about what Wong-mentioned cryptocurrency wallet on Twitter will look like, the path of this social network seems clear. In addition, it is worth remembering that the founder, Jack Dorsey, left his creation to devote himself to Bitcoin but still remains in the company.

Not only Twitter has an eye for cryptocurrencies

Twitter isn’t alone in betting on web 3. Recently, Instagram and Facebook have also integrated NFTs into their platform, but the feature isn’t available to everyone yet.

Another one that does well in this integration is Reddit. Their first own collections of NFTs sold out quickly and became a hit with their users, and rumors suggest they are already preparing to release new collections for Halloween.

Therefore, the fate of social networks seems uniform, they all bet on cryptocurrencies, be it in a more timid or aggressive way.

However, it is worth noting that some projects like Discord have already given up on such implementations after criticism from their users about the integration of cryptocurrency wallets, especially since it is mostly a community of gamers who hated Ethereum miners.

Yet the audience of Twitter is different and crypto communities are giants. In addition, no one is obligated to use such features, but they must be mature enough to respect those who wish to respect such features.

Source: Live Coins