The countdown to LABITCONF has begun! CoinEx attends the 2022 World Cup edition

The countdown to LABITCONF has begun!  CoinEx attends the 2022 World Cup edition

Recently, ‘s white paper bitcoin Celebrated 14 years since its inceptiona milestone in the history of cryptocurrencies, which gave rise to the entire industry and ecosystem that currently moves millions of dollars and is part of the lives of thousands of people.

As one of the first Bitcoin conferences in the world, the LABITCONF will be held this year in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Celebrating its 10th anniversary with the theme “World Cup”, the CoinExa global cryptocurrency exchange, will be attending as a sponsor to celebrate the occasion.

From 10 to 12 November, Costa Salguero will witness the conference of cryptocurrency most important in the world. THE LABITCONF brings together more than 120 international speakers who will talk about:

  • blockchain
  • regulation
  • finance
  • Employment opportunities
  • spell
  • NFT

Vitalik Buterin, world economic leaders and industry big names will be attending the event. All with the aim of educating and educating the public, to popularize the tools in their personal and professional lives.

This will be the ideal space to interact with the industry’s key companies and learn about new entrepreneurs’ projects, network, conduct workshops, hackathons and much more. The conference will be a themed space with opportunities for everyone.

Betting on Blockchain Education Around the World, CoinEx Continues to Have a Presence in Latin America

CoinEx remains committed to promoting educational content about the industry to its users while continuously updating and improving its products and services.

Offering the knowledge necessary for the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies, the CoinEx tries to break down financial barriers and provide easy and safe options for everyone🇧🇷 Therefore, it constantly participates in offline events that are held around the world, in order to get closer to its users.

CoinEx strives to be the global gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies, always prioritizing accessibility and trust, creating established communities in more than 16 languages, where it is possible to interact with other investors from cryptocurrency with similar characteristics and interests in their own language.

Regardless of your region, with CoinEx you can enjoy instant cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, with low withdrawal fees and a daily cap of 10,000 USD, without the need for KYC and secure, as the exchange has not suffered any attacks across the board.

Also if you want to participate in this event and you are in Buenos Aires, visit CoinEx social media and win completely free tickets!

To learn more about CoinEx products, stop by the exchange booth at the event and take the opportunity to compete for prizes, original CoinEx items, and a few other surprises.

See you at Costa Salguero where you can meet the team at CoinEx and we show you how we simplify your crypto trading🇧🇷

Source: Live Coins