Hack FTX crypto exchange? Abnormal transactions observed

This morning turned into one message shared on the Telegram group by FTX: “FTX has been hacked. All funds seem to have run out.”

hacker rumors

The following message is originally from Telegram.

In addition, FTX’s mobile app and website have been compromised and can download malware and trojan viruses onto people’s devices.

“FTX apps are malware. Remove them,” FTX said on his Telegram account. “Don’t go to the FTX site, it can download trojans.;

unclear transactions

The official FTX Twitter account partially disagrees. They shared a message from Ryne Miller, legal counsel for FTX US. It says FTX balances undergo abnormal transactions, but doesn’t call it a hack.

Analysts have already seen strange things happening on the blockchain. Millions of cryptocurrencies were sent from FTX accounts to a single wallet address.

The wallet address in question has received funds from a number of international and US wallets connected to FTX. Nearly 85,000 ethers were sent in just two hours, and at the time of writing, the address still appears to be encrypted. You can see that through this block explorer.

Bad intentions of employees?

These transactions raise many questions about the company’s intentions. Initially, it was assumed that it was malicious intent by FTX officials or former director Sam Bankman-Fried. There was also speculation that this would be part of the bankruptcy process.

Cryptocurrencies originating from FTX wallets were later moved to other wallets. The Etherscan block explorer called it FTX. an episode Search also confirmed that at the last minute, 8,000 ETH from Solana has been bridged to one of the new addresses.

Since coins are sent from FTX to FTX, a hack seems unlikely. Hackers prefer to send stolen coins to your own wallet.

However, we cannot 100% rule out that FTX is a hack.

We will keep you informed.

Source: Btc Direct