“Disgust for the crypto market and humanity,” says manager who lost everything at FTX

Cryptocurrency investment fund Ikigai Asset Management left 100% of its investments in FTX, a brokerage that went bankrupt and took several companies with it.

The information was confirmed Monday (14) by the fund’s CFO, Travis Kling, via his Twitter.

The domino effect caused by the fall of FTX is still being discovered. Even in sport it is already possible to see changes such as Mercedes ending its contract with FTX.

It is still unclear which companies were all affected by the collapse of FTX, the brokerage that filed for bankruptcy last Friday (11).

So the market is waiting for a future list of creditors to prove which companies are really affected.

What does the cryptocurrency investment fund that went bankrupt with the demise of FTX say?

For the sake of his company’s transparency, Travis Kling, Ikigai’s CFO, said his cryptocurrency investment fund was caught off guard by the demise of FTX.

According to him, his company managed to withdraw some money Monday morning. Still, most funds were tied up with the brokerage.

“Unfortunately, I have very bad news to report. Last week, Ikigai got caught up in the FTX meltdown. We held a vast majority of the hedge fund’s total assets in FTX. When we went to pick up on Monday morning, we got very little. Now we’re stuck.”

To calm investors, they keep in touch with clients when news comes out. The head of finance took all the blame.

In public, he had spoken highly of FTX on several occasions and believed the company was solid. But now with the end of the global conglomerate, he understands that he was wrong and that he was unable to protect his clients’ assets.

“I loathe humanity”

When he said it went bankrupt because of FTX, Ikigai’s CFO said he can’t express much in the short term. He asks clients to take it easy so the brokerage firm will determine how it will pay in the coming months, and then more information will be revealed.

He said he was totally fed up with humanity and the cryptocurrency market.

“I am speechless deep and wide at the pieces of shit permeating cryptocurrencies.

So many fucking sociopaths had the chance to do so much damage.

It’s hard to imagine space recovering quickly from this ordeal. Many got burned too much.”

“I’m quite disgusted by the space [de criptomoedas] as a whole and a little bit with humanity in general.”

He said Bitcoin is reliable going forward and the cryptocurrency community should focus on Bitcoin.

In the short term, as everyone is picking up the pieces of FTX, he urged people to empathize with others.

Source: Live Coins