“My Memory Is Faulty,” FTX CEO Says After Posting Cryptic Messages

Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the former CEO of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, said his memory is faulty and split into pieces, this is his first communication after days of isolation.

Sam is considered a leading industry executive and has founded a group of more than 170 companies. The entrepreneur’s flagship was certainly FTX, although companies like Alameda Research were also important.

With the market suspecting the company’s bankruptcy, corporate pressure was pushed to its limits and customer withdrawals were eventually suspended. Binance even considered bailing out the company, but gave up after further analysis of the situation.

Billionaire Justin Sun also promised to help FTX, but it was another who chose to walk away from the company. Last Friday (11) SBF declared that it had filed for bankruptcy in the United States.

Investors are waiting for more information about the company’s demise, but what little is being shared is unlikely to help.

FTX CEO Says “Memory Is Faulty”

FTX customers even want the executives to work to solve the company’s problems. However, this is apparently not what is happening.

Last week, for example, users said that Sam Bankman-Fried was playing League Of Legends while his company was collapsing.

To make matters worse, the once-promising, but now contender of the year contender, hasn’t spoken much to the market.

In a Twitter post, SBF trolled its followers with a simple “what🇧🇷 Later, in publications made at different times and letter by letter, Sam wrote:happened🇧🇷 In the translation, SBF said “what happened”.


To end a totally confusing communication, this Tuesday (15), Sam Bankman-Fried said that you have a faulty memory.

“10) [Não Aconselhamento Legal. Não Aconselhamento Financeiro. Isso é Tudo Como Eu Me Lembro, Mas Minha Memória Pode Estar Com Defeito Em Partes.]🇧🇷

It is unclear whether he is in good health or using drugs. However, FTX investors are wasting time with their nonsense messages while tormenting with no money.

Biggest scam in years?

It took a few years for the cryptocurrency market to take another blow from one of the top exchanges. In the past, MT Gox collapsed and everyone who deposited bitcoin on their platform lost everything.

What is similar between the cases is that their executives were both up and coming enthusiasts. In the end, both companies also claimed to have been hacked.

With the new FTX scam, which could be the biggest in recent years, investors are learning to keep bitcoins in safe wallets.

Source: Live Coins