Binance client has stolen bitcoins and is watching live action

A Binance customer in Curitiba had 1.39 bitcoin stolen from his account, with withdrawals made in two towns 1,000 miles away from where he lives. When he saw everything happening in real time, he despaired.

What draws attention to the matter is that before withdrawing any amount, the hackers converted their bitcoins into Ethereum.

In court, the businessman and investor made it clear that all the action took place on October 1, 2022, when he saw his balance at the brokerage deplete.

Binance’s client is represented in the lawsuit by Raphael Souza, a lawyer specializing in cryptocurrencies.

Binance client has stolen bitcoin and is watching live

When the hacking started, the customer started receiving a series of text messages on his phone. So he followed up that his Binance account was hacked and rushed to the exchange’s support.

His account balance was 1.5 Bitcoin, but the hackers took 1.39 BTC, leaving only 0.11 Bitcoin.

In total, criminals carried out 9 trading operations, converting bitcoin into ethereum. In possession of the 20 ethers obtained, two recordings were made within 5 minutes, one of an IP in Belo Horizonte and another of the city of Cláudio, both in Minas Gerais.

That is, the looting took place a thousand miles from the victim’s hometown, cities he had never known. The address used by the bandits was 0x790f91e8d821bc8eb9fe25e1fa07cd7228df1007.

According to Binance support, it would not be possible to return the funds to him. In addition, the agents asked the customer to increase the security of his account by enabling more security factors.

Dissatisfied that his estimated net worth of $30,000 collapsed to just $2,000, he is suing the São Paulo court for damages.

“One of the worst days of my life”

After their bitcoins were withdrawn from Binance, the client suspected that they may have been targeted by a SIM Swap cyber-attack.

So he called the operator and confirmed that his line was not cloned. This was one of their enabled two-factor authentication methods.

In addition, he still had receiving e-mails as a safety factor, but he also did not receive any messages via this medium.

To Livecoins, Binance customer said it was one of the worst days of his lifebut you have to be strong and fix the situation.

He remembered that when he started receiving the text, he was making coffee, and he was rushing to save at least $2,000. A customer of Binance for over a year, he hopes that the situation will be resolved by the exchange.

After the scare, the customer who claims to have been hacked in São Paulo court said he has already bought a physical wallet and will not leave any balance in brokerages.

Livecoins also reached out to Binance for comment on the matter. The article is being updated.

Source: Live Coins