World Cup 2022 in Qatar: cryptocurrencies, metaverses and Bitcoin betting

The World Cup starts on Monday and there is a (small) chance that the Netherlands will make it to the entire game. Billions follow the World Cup football behind their TV, computer or telephone. No wonder the crypto industry is jumping on this.

In this article, we discuss two World Cup related cryptocurrencies, Metaverse, our World Cup pool, and if you have bitcoin left over after the FTX disaster, there are betting sites to lose it.

This article is not financial advice. We do not know which crypto will rise when, nor who will win the world championship. The only certainty is that Louis van Gaal will have a disagreement with journalists.

These are the World Cup cryptos

We start with Chlliz, this cryptocurrency aims to support the crypto economy around football. Not only does Chilliz create tokens for the teams, but the CEO also owns them tweet let them know he’s looking forward to the World Cup and can’t wait for what’s to come.

The entire cryptocurrency market was hit by FTX’s bankruptcy, but Chilliz’s price actually surged ahead of the World Cup. The red dot below indicates the low point at around 0.17 euros, the price is now twice at 0.23 euros.

Another cryptocurrency to keep an eye on is Algo. Algorand announced in September that it will host the official World Cup NFTs in Qatar. Many users have already signed up and the price has skyrocketed this week.

NFT is the abbreviation of Non-Fungible Token. These are unique cryptocurrencies, of which there can only be one, and therefore each represents its own value.

FIFA and Algorand NFTs are composed of so-called Moments; Video recordings of historical football moments. If you are the owner of such an NFT, you may be the digital owner of the video in which, for example, Memphis Depay scores the winning goal in the 90th minute of the next final.

Algorand prices haven’t been doing too well in recent weeks, but that could improve as the World Championship gets underway and NFTs sell like hot cakes.

Chilliz and Algorand can be traded on the BLOX.

Roblox Metavers

Extremely Popular Blockchain Game Roblox (ask your nieces and nephews) host a counterpart of FIFA, the organization of the World Cup football.

Once in the metaverse, players can pursue minigames such as Adventure Football, a mini-golf kind of game that replaces bats with LEGO-looking Roblox men, and Adidas Footbowling. There is also the FIFA World Obstacle Course or the VISA Sticker Shop.

And of course you can watch online games with your friends through Roblox.

Roblox is kid-friendly and has no significant cryptographic components.

Play in the World Cup with Bitcoin

Is the World Cup not exciting enough for you? They can, so to speak, taste the strike in the World Cup. Granted, that was a pretty bad crypto pun, but gambling is gambling, and you can gamble completely by placing a bet.

Of course we started with our own World Cup group. We give 5x 100 euros, you just have to predict what the Netherlands will do. Check the conditions here.

Cryptonews analyzed and reviewed 10 sites where you can bet on cryptocurrencies in the World Cup.

The first is This site supports 150 different cryptocurrencies. All types of bets are offered, such as first team to score, total number of corners and Asian handicaps (uhh).

You can still bet on it during the game and bets are settled immediately after the game.

Cloudbet is in second place. They are ready and are already reporting on the World Cup on a daily basis.

In third place is There are 200 things to bet on per game.

Source: Btc Direct

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