El Salvador will buy 1 bitcoin every day

It has been more than a year since El Salvador decided to make Bitcoin legal tender. The country already has a lot of bitcoin on its balance sheet, but has so far suffered a lot of losses on purchases. In another attempt to make up for that loss, the country is now buying one bitcoin a day. So says Nayib Bukele, the president of the country.

one every day

The bitcoin country of the world continues to buy. This comes after a tweet from Nayib Bukele this morning. In it, the president says that he will buy one bitcoin per day from Wednesday, November 18.

The country is already buying up from September 6. Then the government bought the first 200 BTC. For this, the country paid US$ 10.36 million at an average price of US$ 51.8 thousand. At a current price of about $16,700, that’s a big difference.

How many bitcoins does the country have now?

As a result, the country bought back earlier when Bitcoin experienced sharp declines. El Salvador’s latest purchase – priced at $19,000 – is its lowest yet. But that’s going to change tomorrow – unless, of course, the price goes up a few thousand.

If you want to know how many countries are currently in your portfolio, you can use the so-called “Portfolio Tracker by Nayib Bukele”. Yes, it really exists. This tracker has – as you can probably see – the name of the president. Here you can see when El Salvador is shopping, at what price and other interesting statistics.

Source: nayibtracker.com

He says the government has currently bought 2,381 bitcoins (and 2,382 BTC tomorrow). Bukele has already lost almost 63% of that, with a not-so-awful loss of $67.5 million. Currently, the entire portfolio is valued at approximately $39.7 million.

Source: Btc Direct

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