Braiscompany was founded after the fall of the pyramid in which the CEO was the promoter

Braiscompany was founded after the fall of the pyramid in which the CEO was the promoter

Braiscompany founder Antônio Neto Ais founded his current company in May 2018, during the cryptocurrency market’s worst downturn. At that time, it had been a few months since a cryptocurrency pyramid published by him ended its activities.

The pyramid in question was theDreams Place International“, a platform that promised its customers an income of 1% per day.

The pyramid claimed to be a company with extensive knowledge of advanced negotiation and claimed thousands of victims. In order to convince investors, luxury events were organized in addition to promises of rapid enrichment.

The achievements of “Dreams” were not limited to the cryptocurrency market, but also claimed to work with Forex.

Dreams Place Internacional offered clients an income of 1% per day, the pyramid fell in 2017
Dreams Place International offered clients 1% income per day, the pyramid fell in 2017.

What was the role of Braiscompany owner Antônio Neto in revealing the cryptocurrency pyramid that collapsed in 2017?

In Paraíba, in Campina Grande, Antônio Neto stood out as one of Dreams Place International’s “TOP Leaders” in 2017.

Dreams Place International business plan, cryptocurrency pyramid that broke in 2017
Dreams Place International business plan, cryptocurrency pyramid that broke in 2017.

He held motivational events with investors from the collapsed pyramid saying that “now is the time”.

The story of the fraudulent company did not last long, but continues in one list of financial pyramids cataloged by UOL Bitcoin fraud economy.

In one of the videos Livecoins had access to on YouTube, the profile publishing the content warns that the company is a financial pyramid in Paraíba. In the recording, the presenter of the company is precisely Antônio Neto, who later founded Braiscompany.

Before the company went bankrupt, the financial pyramid business plan tried to convince people to attract more investors, a common practice in fraud.

Cryptocurrency Pyramid Convinced Investors To Attract More People, Company Collapsed In 2017
Cryptocurrency pyramid convinced investors to attract more people, the company collapsed in 2017.

Antônio Neto, former I9Life double diamond

Months before working with cryptocurrency pyramid Dreams Place International, Antônio Neto was an I9Life Double Diamondanother company accused of harming thousands of investors.

Advertisement Aqui from I9Life shows that the company receives complaints about the sale of unscented perfumes, spoiled products and other problems.

And Antônio Neto even promoted the company at events in his hometown, according to a video found in the report.

Delays at Braiscompany fuel suspicion about business activities

Since 2018, Antônio Neto has founded Braiscompany Soluções Digitais e Trainings LTDA, the first of the group in Paraíba. After that, the company registered in the Federal District, São Paulo, Recife, Salvador and other cities.

However, in 2020, the company received the first public warning about its activities. Tiago Reis, founder of Suno, denounced at the time that the company could be a financial pyramid.

Braiscompany resisted the initial suspicions, but has been delaying payments to customers since the end of 2022, which has aroused suspicion. In recent days, the business owner’s past has been scrutinized by Brais investors, who have already created groups of “victims” to recover their investments.

On Braiscompany’s page about Advertising Aqui, the company has already passed the mark of 100 complaints. Among the most recent, complaints about income arrears stand out.

Livecoins was unable to reach Braiscompany representatives for comment on the delays and the founder’s link to previous arrangements. The space remains open for demonstrations.

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