Binance strengthens position in Argentina and Colombia with strategic partnerships

Binance strengthens position in Argentina and Colombia with strategic partnerships

Binance Argentina has partnered with Cámara Argentina Fintech and Alianza In, an organization that promotes innovation in Colombia. The move is part of a strengthening of the position in Latin America, according to the brokerage.

With a high volume in Latin American countries, Binance promotes various initiatives such as courses and events. For example, last Wednesday (18) it held a meetup in São Paulo with 200 investors.

But the arrival in other countries in the region indicates that Latin America is moving the cryptocurrency market and attracting investment from companies in the sector.

Representatives from Argentina and Colombia thank Binance for their support

Besides Brazil, Argentina and Colombia are some of the largest countries to trade cryptocurrencies in South America. And everyone is already keeping a close eye on the benefits of blockchain technology and the Web3 ecosystem.

According to José Daniel López, executive director of Alianza In, the new partnership with Binance will lead Colombia to grow more in the market.

“We are excited to welcome Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, with whom we will continue to work with to strengthen the adoption of blockchain-based services in Colombia.”

In Argentina, Ignacio Plaza, president of the Fintech Argentina Chamber, believes that Binance’s entry into the organization will increase opportunities with fintechs in the country.

“The Fintech Argentina Chamber has worked since its inception to improve the integration and representativeness of the sector and to promote the growth and development of each of the companies that are part of it. That is why we are delighted that Binance has joined our institution. Not only because of its relevance locally and internationally, but also because of its working capacity and permanent innovation. We are confident that we can leverage the necessary synergy to continue creating opportunities for the Fintech industry and for society as a whole.”

Data from Chainalysis in 2022 indicates that Argentina ranks 13th in volume of cryptocurrency trading, while Colombia ranks 15th in the world.

Binance’s Brazilian director said strengthening in countries helps with sensible regulation in the region

According to Daniel Mangabeira, Vice President of Institutional Relations at Binance for Latin America, Binance is seeking to cooperate with regulators. So by reaching out to organizations and industry groups, finding sensible regulations becomes easier.

“As a leading organization, it is imperative that Binance works closely with legislators, regulators and industry groups such as the Argentina Chamber of Fintech. This work is important to our mission to enable the development of sensible regulations for cryptocurrencies and blockchain and ensure user protection.”

Binance is already licensed to operate in some countries, including the G7, and is struggling to create a serious image globally following pressure in 2021 from international regulators.

Source: Live Coins