Client sues Braiscompany, requests BRL2 million back and blocks company’s jet


A customer who invested BRL 2,075,000.00 in Braiscompany asks the company to return his money. In fact, to ensure his rights, he asks for the blocking of the jet used by Antônio Neto Ais, founder of the company that has been deferring payments to customers since November 2022.

The process brings fear to the company from Paraíba, which asks for the contract to be terminated and the money returned. The 3rd civil court of Campina Grande is analyzing the request submitted on January 20.

In addition to Antônio Neto and Braiscompany, his wife Fabricia Farias Campos is also a defendant in the return process.

Braiscompany's client is asking for a refund of 2 million reais in court
A client of Braiscompany is asking for a refund of 2 million reais in court. Playback: TJPB.

Client demands back R$2 million invested in Braiscompany, company founder’s jet named as asset to be arrested by justice

According to information from the ClickPB portal, the trial is still in its early stages in the courts of Paraíba.

The investor thus seeks an injunction to recover its millions and asks the court to block the assets of the defendants.

In the filing, the investor even asked to block a 1998 model 400A private executive jet to ensure the rights of the customers. On the market, on aircraft sales sites, Livecoins found that the value of the commodity can vary between R$3.5 and R$10 million.

To invest in Braiscompany, the customer made some movable goods available to the company, such as a jet ski and luxury cars. However, the customer was informed that the vessel that belonged to him was in danger of being sold, which led him to urgently request that the goods be blocked.

According to information from the report, the client has five contracts with the company, but has not received any revenue since December 2022. no manifestation of the company.

Promised returns are not disappointing and customers are concerned

Braiscompany’s customers enter into contracts with the company to receive revenue on specific dates. Thus, the 10th, 20th and 30th of each month are vital for investors waiting for deposits.

For example, complaints registered since last Sunday (22) clearly show that customers regret the lack of support from the company to deliver on time what has been promised.

Customers complain about income arrears by Braiscompany
Customers complain about income arrears by Braiscompany. Credit: claim here.

To make matters worse, founder Antônio Neto said in a recent live on his Instagram that the company’s guarantee is in his word. In addition, he stated that customers who put pressure on the company will be asked to withdraw in the event of an alleged resumption of business.

Regarding the Campina Grande lawsuit and customer complaints, Livecoins was unable to contact the company, but the space remains open for demonstrations.

  • Would you like to submit a complaint? Send Livecoins your complaint by email [email protected].

Source: Live Coins


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