Bitcoin internship program offers BRL 15,000 scholarship

Bitcoin internship program offers BRL 15,000 scholarship

Vinteum is helping Brazilians interested in joining an international bitcoin internship program that will pay a US$3,000 scholarship for selected professionals.

Getting involved with bitcoin allows undergraduate and graduate students to work alongside experienced programmers on the digital currency ecosystem.

Moreover, the open source environment helps professionals to better execute their technical skills.

The Brazilian initiative aims to help those interested in an internship with bitcoin that will pay a US $3,000 scholarship

Last Tuesday (24), Vinteum’s profile announced a new opportunity for Brazilian computer students.

Chance holds Summer of Bitcointhe largest international internship program in the digital currency ecosystem.

The initiative was inspired by the Google Summer of Codean international scholarship program for interns, founded in 2005.

So the Vinteum has prepared a preparation program for Brazilian students interested in participating in the selection. All those selected will win a scholarship worth US$3,000, approximately R$15,000.

Who can participate?

With regard to technology, students of Computer Science courses and related courses, from any year, can participate.

Anyone can submit projects of easy, medium or hard difficulty. Contributions may include the programming languages ​​Rust, Golang, C++, Javascript.

Upon enrollment, students interested in bitcoin receive mentoring from an experienced open-source developer, contributing their technical experience and learning.

To better prepare Brazilians to participate in the international program, Vinteum offers free exclusive sessions with program veterans, proposal submission mentoring, seminars and educational materials for those interested.

To register for Vinteum mentorships, a form asks for some information from interested students.

At the same time, all applicants must complete their application on the official Summer of Bitcoin website. The selected persons will soon receive a contact person from the team.

Opportunity to participate in the international bitcoin community

Vinteum has announced that registration for the preparation is possible until February 15, 2023. After registration is complete, students have one and a half months to work on their proposals with the mentors.

In addition, they are already starting to study the technical materials on how bitcoin works, and which projects they can devote themselves to in the summer of Bitcoin 2023.

For example, in the second edition of the worldwide internship, students were able to get started with the Bitcoin protocol, the Lightning Network, among others. The opportunity also introduces students to members of the global bitcoin community.

Vinteum is an initiative by Brazilians to support the development of bitcoin in Latin America, launched in August 2022.

Source: Live Coins