Crypto Recap January 25: El Salvador’s Silent Critics, And What Is ETH’s Shanghai Update?


In this video, Axel discusses the latest developments in the cryptocurrency market. It does this using reporting and technical analysis. This way you will be up to date with the latest major crypto-related events within minutes. It’s time to take a look at the latest news.

In the video above, Axel informs you within a few minutes about all kinds of news and developments in the cryptocurrency market. This time Axel will talk about Bitcoin country El Salvador. After much criticism, the country paid off its government bonds.

In addition, Axel will talk about the shadow fork of the Ethereum Shanghai update. What are you telling me?

What is that?

First of all we will explain the term Shadow Fork: This is a test version of the real blockchain. You can see it as a precursor to a soft or hard fork (latest updates). These test versions are important, otherwise the real Ethereum network may experience problems.

You may think: what shadow fork, do I need to know all about it? No, you don’t, although it’s good to know that the shadow fork was successful!

The Shanghai update should bring the next big improvement to the Ethereum network. At the moment, attackers are still unable to withdraw their Ethereum from staking (locking coins for a periodic reward). You are bound by the contract and this Shanghai update may change that. Watch the video to see what this means for you!

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