Decentralized WhatsApp with Bitcoin support is coming to mobile devices

Decentralized WhatsApp with Bitcoin support is coming to mobile devices

An application that is considered a “decentralized WhatsApp” and with support for bitcoin payments has arrived on mobile devices. In an announcement last Monday (30), those responsible for the solution commented on the novelty.

The new app, called Keet, lets you send peer-to-peer messages instantly and for free. Its operation takes place without the need for centralized entities.

The app is the first to work on Holepunch, a platform for building decentralized apps. Paolo Ardoino is one of the founders of the project, also CTO of cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex and CTO of cryptocurrency Tether.

In addition to supporting bitcoin Lightning micropayments, the new app also supports Tether payments.

Keet, a “decentralized WhatsApp” that supports Bitcoin payments

Keet Mobile is the first in a series of peer-to-peer applications that aim to put control back in the hands of people.

Like the desktop, Keet Mobile is based on Holepunch technology, a completely open peer-to-peer technology.

While the initial release of Keet Mobile alpha will be limited to SMS, the ability to make audio or video calls is planned in a few months.

In a note to Livecoins, Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether and Bitfinex and CSO of Holepunch, stated that the idea of ​​giving information to big tech companies is now dead.

“We are pleased to announce that the Holepunch team has achieved a previously unimaginable achievement in bringing full peer-to-peer communications technology to the mobile devices of today’s world. With this they have completely renewed the traditional concept of mobile applications. The idea that you have to hand over your private data to big tech companies to do something as simple as talk to another person on a mobile device is dead. We believe in the financial freedom of Tether and Bitfinex, and what is as fundamental as financial freedom is freedom of communication. We at Tether and Bitfinex are proud to support the growth of Holepunch and its suite of peer-to-peer applications, and we are so excited about the future.”

Tool that promises to strengthen freedom of expression

It is worth remembering that a user of traditional applications to talk sends messages through cloud-based software and with intermediaries. However, Keet Mobile works without central servers or companies that are active on its network.

Backed by Tether, Bitfinex and Hypercore, Holepunch was founded to enable global communication and empower freedom of expression. In addition, it aims to improve access to information and to combat censorship around the world.

By letting users control their own data and communication channels, Keet believes it can improve the human condition and break away from technology monopolies and centralized points of failure.

For Mathias Buus, CEO of Holepunch Inc, the app was born to be unstoppable.

“Since day one, our goal has been to make the Holepunch platform and Keet the world’s most unstoppable communications application, and with today’s launch of Keet Mobile, we’re well on our way.”

Decentralized messaging apps are growing

Messaging apps are increasingly trying to become more decentralized and encrypted to protect users. For example, the use of blockchain technology is starting to attract the attention of even big names, such as Telegram, which nowadays even has its own cryptocurrency, TON.

In recent months, Nostr is another network that has caught the attention of the bitcoin community, which received a number of coins as an investment from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

A bit older in the market, another one that has been chasing space is Adamant, which works as a blockchain messaging application.

In any case, it shows that innovations for private conversations on the internet take a close look at the bitcoin ecosystem and its innovations.

Source: Live Coins