Feb 1 Crypto Review: 7.6% January Inflation and Bankruptcy Celsius Opens Withdrawals

Feb 1 Crypto Review: 7.6% January Inflation and Bankruptcy Celsius Opens Withdrawals

In this video, Axel discusses the latest developments in the cryptocurrency market. It does this using reporting and technical analysis. This way you will be up to date with the latest major crypto-related events within minutes. It’s time to take a look at the latest news.

In the video above, Axel informs you within a few minutes about all kinds of news and developments in the cryptocurrency market. This time Axel discusses the new inflation figures. Inflation fell to 7.6% in January

In addition, Axel will talk about the bankrupt cryptocurrency lending company Celsius. Open recordings for a select group of users.

Celsius opens records

Some users of the now-bankrupt cryptocurrency lending platform Celsius will be given the option to withdraw their funds. A certain group of users will soon be able to withdraw 94% of their funds from the platform.

At the moment it is still unclear who exactly these users are and what conditions people must meet to belong to this group. Celsius itself also mentions “authorized users” in the article, without going into further detail.

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