Sint Maarten wants Tron (TRX) as legal tender

Sint Maarten wants Tron (TRX) as legal tender

TRON can become legal tender in Sint Maarten. This is reported by the local news editor SMN-N after the new legislation was introduced. “This is another achievement in our pursuit of global blockchain adoption,” tweeted Tron founder Justin Sun.

Sint Maarten as crypto capital

Parliamentarian Rolando Brison wants to make Sint Maarten the ‘crypto capital’ of the Caribbean. He initiated legislation earlier this month that would make that plan possible. He wants to make Tron an important part of local trade and economic infrastructure.

This move – making Tron legal tender – is strange, but not strange. Brison was already in the news with the unusual decision to pay out in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instead of the local guilder. It was unusual for a politician to want to get paid in cryptocurrencies, let alone Bitcoin Cash.

He also said he started a study to make BCH legal tender, but now that choice seems to be Tron after all. In any case, Brison had no intention of developing its own currency. On January 24, he said, “It is difficult for an MP to create a legal cryptocurrency from scratch.”

Dominica preceded Sint Maarten

Last fall, Dominica, Sint Maarten’s neighbor, adopted seven Tron-based cryptocurrencies as legal tender. Furthermore, the island chose the Tron network as its national blockchain and also launched its own cryptocurrency. It seems that these Caribbean islands are becoming the playground for cryptographic projects.

In the case of Dominica, the virtual asset trading legislation released in May 2022 played an important role in the cryptocurrency adoption process. It was created with the help of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), the monetary authority for eight island economies in the region.

Sint Maarten is one of the three Caribbean islands that together form the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is governed by the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten, but currently has no crypto-related regulation.

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