Youtuber claiming to be the “biggest cryptocurrency specialist in Brazil” gets scammed and loses 25,000

Youtuber claiming to be the “biggest cryptocurrency specialist in Brazil” gets scammed and loses 25,000

Ronaldo Silva, a Brazilian cryptocurrency YouTuber known for promoting shitcoins (worthless coins, solid project or future), said in a recent video that he got into a scam and lost BRL 25,000. Ronaldo promoted the currency on his channel as a great investment opportunity.

According to a report from the youtuber, who has 339,000 subscribers to his channel, one of his students introduced him to the project. By asking the youtuber to analyze and disclose the new cryptocurrency created on the BNB Chain, Ronaldo would receive a commission.

In addition to the commission received, the youtuber even invested 25,000 reais in the new currency before revealing it to his followers. With the collapse of the project, he claims he has not been able to sell any of his coins and is now running at a loss.

“Promising New Currency” Leads Brazil’s Cryptocurrency Youtuber To Fall Into Scam

Known on YouTube and in cryptocurrency communities speculating in shitcoins, Ronaldo Silva says he is the biggest specialist in the market in Brazil.

Ronaldo Silva presents himself as Brazil's leading expert on cryptocurrencies
Ronaldo Silva presents himself as Brazil’s leading expert on cryptocurrencies. Playback/YouTube.

Nor thetallerescaped a snag when he encountered Keter Network (KTR), an apparent shitcoin who allegedly tricked him.

That’s because in a video claiming to be a victim of a scam, he says he lost 25,000 BRL and sympathizes with his followers who have also lost money with the project.

“I couldn’t sell any cryptocurrency I received, so I didn’t make any money. Let’s take a look at the knowledge of the video, you need to understand this here. Sometimes a project can look very good, very attractive, sometimes it can go wrong. Such is the market, a risky market. How can there be no way to believe in this project, folks? Everyone would believe it.”

After venting about his injury, Ronaldo also revealed other promoters of the project, including reputable news portals.

Keter network

The Keter network presents itself as an artificial intelligence project and even appears in articles on specialized websites in the crypto market.

In one of the publications that talked about the project, an alleged collaboration with OpenAI, owner of ChatGPT, was even announced by the stillborn coin.

On social networks, KTR also said that it would enable the creation of a cryptocurrency infrastructure, coupled with artificial intelligence, with DAO and everything else entitled.

After the collapse of the project, which had an anonymous CEO claiming to be from the United States, part of the community discovered that the project’s website was hosted in Brazil. That is, it is not clear whether Brazilians staged the coup that harmed investors.

One of the red flags for the project involved the fact that before launching, Keter Network already said it would launch on major exchanges. Now those who invested in the project regret the loss.

Keter Network cryptocurrency melted at launch, leaving a trail of losses among Brazilian investors
Cryptocurrency Keter Network melted at launch, leaving a trail of losses for Brazilian investors. Reproduction.

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