Bluesky: Creator of Twitter launches decentralized social network on App Store

Bluesky: Creator of Twitter launches decentralized social network on App Store

A version of Bluesky, Jack Dorsey’s decentralized social network, has arrived on the App Store. However, the app is available to invitees only, with no official release date.

In any case, the introduction of Bluesky in Apple’s app store shows that the public release is getting closer.

As for Dorsey, the Twitter founder stepped down as CEO of his own company in 2021 to focus on Bitcoin. In addition to Bluesky, the entrepreneur is also in charge of Block, which brings together some solutions for Bitcoin such as Cash App and Spiral.

Bluesky is a lot like Twitter

Already in the screenshots of Bluesky Social it is possible to see that Jack Dorsey is not betting on anything innovative in terms of design. Aside from switching from “tweets” to “posts,” the social network is much like Twitter.

Screenshots from Bluesky, in private testing, show that the application is very similar to Twitter. Source: Playback.

However, the biggest change is internal. That is, unlike Twitter, Bluesky wants to be a decentralized platform, something that can improve free speech, an issue that led to former US President Donald Trump not only being banned from Twitter, but also becoming a competitor to launch, the Truth Social.

So now Dorsey has the difficult task of not putting an end to an abandoned social network like Trump’s. In other words, it will have to offer better attractions than the promise of freedom.

Finally, the Bluesky website reports that the launch of the social network will take place soon, with an email field for those who want to test their luck to participate in the testing programs.

Jack Dorsey uses a different social network

Quite absent from Twitter, Jack Dorsey uses another platform to interact with his followers, Nostr. Basically, Nostr is a decentralized protocol, just like Bitcoin, with no hosting on centralized servers.

In a post published last Saturday (25), Dorsey revealed that he continues to invest in Bitcoin on a weekly basis, without disclosing any amounts.

— I wonder if @jack is doing DCA on bitcoin like the rest of us?

– Yes. Every week is the same.

Jack Dorsey uses a decentralized social network to say that he is still investing in Bitcoin on a weekly basis. Source: Nostr.

Finally, everything indicates that the founder of Twitter was very fond of Nostr. However, it could also use this social network to inspire Bluesky to become a more open platform.

Source: Live Coins