Is Cardano (ADA) still a good investment? Long term on ATH

The Cardano ADA cryptocurrency was a favorite from the previous bull run. For many newcomers, ADA was the gateway to cryptography. And many are still holding on to their first cryptocurrency.

Cardano (ADA) is a long-term investment for many holders, with more and more people choosing to hold their coins for longer than a year. Of all ADAs, 48% have been held by hodlers for more than a year, 44% between 12 and 1 month, and 8% for less than a month.

Is the Cardano cup half full or half empty?

There can be many reasons to keep the ADA for longer than a year, but we’ll list two.

Glass half full: These hodlers are die-hard Cardano fans who register their ADA. They support the Cardano network at all times. The graph below shows that there is an upward trend.

Source: DefiLama

Glass half empty: See price list below. Long term holders are bearish and wait for the price to rise before selling. From 2.5 euros to now 0.31 euros. According to data from intotheblock, only 11% of all investors are optimistic.

But whatever the reason, for simplicity let’s assume the glass is half full. It could also be a sign that confidence in Cardano is growing in the long run.

Effect of holding Cardano too long

Also, the long-lasting effect is good for everyone (theoretically). As more people join their ADA, the circulating supply of cryptocurrency decreases. This could lead to increased demand for the remaining coins and raise the price.

Long-term holders are less likely to sell their coins during periods of market volatility, which can help stabilize the ADA price.

However, if we fill the glass to the brim, we can be sure that technology investors are waiting for the long haul.

But joking aside, there’s a lot going on in Cardano and the developers are very active. Cardano is moving towards its goal of becoming a decentralized smart contract platform that can compete with Ethereum.

Community is important to Cardano

This has attracted a lot of attention from investors who believe in the long-term potential of the project. Despite the recent price drop, Cardano’s fundamentals remain strong. The project has a dedicated development team working on its development and the technology is widely respected in the cryptocurrency community.

In addition, Cardano has a strong community of supporters who actively promote and build the platform.

Switch to Voltaire to decentralize Cardano

What helps is that Cardano makes its step-by-step plan transparent. This one is divided into 5 epochs and now we are in the last epoch called Voltaire. It is a multi-year plan that is made up of different phases, with each phase having its own objectives and characteristics.

Voltaire is the final phase of the Cardano roadmap and focuses on network management. It will provide a range of features that will allow ADA holders to participate in the decision-making process for the future development of the network.

At the end of Voltaire, there is some form of voting and a system for paying developers. At the moment, the current development company IOHK can take it off your hands and it is up to the community to take over.

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