Cryptocurrency metaverse team warns of security incident

While The Sandbox’s cryptocurrency metaverse has not been the target of a direct hacking attack on its ecosystem, a new security incident may have put many users of the product at risk.

This is because a hacker managed to find key credentials associated with the metaverse when they raided a Sandbox employee’s computer.

Thus, the criminal gathered information and managed to get hold of an email list of the project, which jeopardizes future communication. According to the team’s statement this Thursday (2), everyone should redouble their attention from now on.

Security incident at The Sandbox draws attention to cryptocurrency metaverse

Metaverses gained momentum in recent years and gained global prominence with the arrival of Meta (formerly Facebook) in this market.

Some solutions eventually attracted attention for their involvement with blockchains and cryptocurrencies, making Sandbox stand out among the major ones.

But this Thursday, the project confirms that an email claiming to be linked to the project is already circulating, in the community, fraudulently promising news.

“We recently became aware that an unauthorized third party accessed the computer of one of our employees and used the information found to send an email falsely claiming to be from The sand box. This notice is to make sure you understand what happened, what information was involved and what we are doing to help protect you.”

It all started last Sunday (26/02), when an employee had his device hacked. Quickly, in possession of customer emails, the hacker fired off a message titled “The Sandbox Game (PURELAND) Access”.

The email contained links to bogus websites and malware downloads that allowed the hacker to access victims’ computers.

Security measures have already been taken

After the security incident, the Sandbox team sent emails to some affected users asking them not to open the malicious links.

In addition, it formatted the affected user’s computer, changed all their passwords and enabled two-factor authentication on their devices.

The case is apparently under control, although the project’s security team is still tracking possible loopholes found by the criminal.

It is worth remembering that not a single metaverse has been hacked yet, especially those linked to cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, a security company issued the alarm for companies in this sector to be alert to attempted break-ins.

In the past 24 hours, the price of the Sandbox cryptocurrency (sand) is down 2.9% against the dollar, quoted at US$0.68. Since its all-time high in November 2021 when it hit $8.4, the coin is already down 91%.

Source: Live Coins