“Don’t buy real estate, invest in Braiscompany”, real estate agent famous for billboard resigns

A famous broker from Braiscompany, who advertised the company on a billboard and compared the fraudulent company’s earnings to real estate investments, had the company claim losses.

Karol Sousa, as she was known among investors, is just one more to leave the ship that sank after the Federal Police’s Operation Halving.

As brokers erase traces of ties to the company, a past of ostentation and glory, they continue to be investigated by the PF in the investigation examining the performance of the Paraíba financial pyramid.

Now former Braiscompany broker, owner of controversial billboard, revealed losses in the company

In a post shared with groups of customers, the owner of the billboard that compared BRL 200,000 invested in Braiscompany to the purchase of an apartment completely changed its tone.

According to her, the leaders of Braiscompany, the fugitives Antônio Neto and Fabrícia Campos, did not return to their contacts. In addition, they have not cooperated with the authorities’ investigations, leaving even the customers themselves dissatisfied.

Karol still claims that he has not received any salaries as a real estate agent in three months, in addition to the lack of income transfer from Braiscompany. Under pressure from the authorities on the company and the investigation into broker involvement, she resigned from the position, which she once publicly defended.

Braiscompany broker who announced the company on a billboard leaves the company
Braiscompany broker who advertised the company on a billboard leaves the company, Reproduction: social networks.

Are there brokers left?

With the Braiscompany house collapsing day after day, there are few who continue to defend the company and the couple who ran it. That’s because the company hasn’t honored customer payments since December 2022.

In fact, Braiscompany claimed to be the largest cryptocurrency manager in Brazil, with offices in several of the country’s capitals. For this expansion, it relied on the cooperation of brokers and managers, who supported the recruitment of new clients, a fundamental part of keeping the company fully operational.

So it’s not clear whether the progress of investigations against the company will keep any broker motivated to continue defending the company.

In recent days, one of the biggest names linked to Antônio Neto, former manager Clélio Cabral, has also published videos claiming that he does not approve of the lack of customer support. After the backlash for his videos, he made his Instagram account private to his 30,000 followers.

It is worth remembering that the day before Operation Halving, several brokers’ accounts were frozen at banks and brokers, which were the target of searches by the PF.

However, at the end of February 2023, the PF itself released a form on which victims of Braiscompany can indicate who the people are who presented the case.

Source: Live Coins