Less than 5% of Brazilians invest in cryptocurrencies, says ANBIMA

According to data from the sixth edition of the “Raio X do Investidor” survey, conducted by ANBIMA in collaboration with Datafolha, less than 5% of Brazilians invested in cryptocurrencies by the end of 2022.

That’s because only 1% of women invested in cryptocurrencies in 2021, a figure that will remain the same in 2022, according to the study. Already in the male gender, 4% invested in 2021, increasing to 5% in 2022. On average, the data suggests that less than 5% of the Brazilian population invests in the crypto market.

The data compared the reality of 2021 with 2022, showing that saving remains the population’s preferred investment. The study released this Wednesday (8), shared with Livecoins, presents other investor data.

Number of female investors in financial products is growing, but not in cryptocurrencies

While their investments in cryptocurrencies remained the same, in the 2021 to 2022 comparison, women increased their participation in other products.

According to ANBIMA, 33% of women declared to have invested in some financial product in 2022, an increase of 5 percentage points compared to 2021.

The new research, separated by gender, is important for understanding how women handle money, says Marcelo Billi, Education Inspector at ANBIMA.

“It is important to observe the gender breakdown so that we can understand how women handle money, what their doubts and preferences are, and also help them feel more secure and have more autonomy in making their investment decisions.”

When analyzing the profile of women who invest, the survey shows that 44% have secondary education and 35% have higher education, with an age group concentrated between 35 and 44 years old (23%) and between 45 and 59 years old ( 25%) and half of them (50%) belong to class C.

ANBIMA publishes a survey that maps the profile of male and female investors
ANBIMA publishes a study in which it maps out the profile of male and female investors. Reproduction.

Women and men have an equal preference for saving

According to the survey, women invest with the primary objective of financial security (47%). That is, it is the possibility of being able to collect a reserve that attracts them.

In second place comes the financial return (23%) and, a little further away in third place, the ability to withdraw money unconditionally in case of emergency (7%).

In terms of the type of investment they use, both men and women cite the savings account in first place, both with the percentage of 26%. Among them, funds, private securities, and real estate buying and selling each had 3% of quotes, the same percentage of keeping money at home/mattress.

Saving is the preferred investment between men and women, men like cryptocurrencies more
Saving is the preferred investment between men and women, men like cryptocurrencies more. Base: total sample — 2022: 5,818 interviews / 2021: 5,878 interviews. Credit: ANBIMA and Data Folha.

Thus, the data revealed by the study shows an opportunity for the cryptocurrency market, which still has a lot of room to grow in Brazil.

Source: Live Coins