Red Bull launches competition for Brazilian artists with prizes in NFTs

Red Bull has launched a new contest for artists in Brazil with prizes in NFTs. With the novelty, the brand known for its energy drinks invites even amateur artists to participate in the initiative.

With entries open on the Red Bull Doodle Art Brasil website, the country is hosting a world “doodles” competition, featuring an innovative concept that unites artistic expressions and technology.

For more than 50 participating countries, university students and people over the age of 18 from all over Brazil can show their creativity through doodles, simple drawings, freely created, whether abstract or not, with a large representation of the author.

In the show’s concept, facial expressions, household objects, transportation, or whatever comes to mind can become a doodle.

Stage in Brazil of the Red Bull league takes place in São Paulo

Side by side with technological innovations, Red Bull Doodle Art innovates by bringing doodles to the NFT universe. But to get there, the Brazilians will have to go through the national phase, the decision of which will take place in São Paulo.

The work chosen by the judges will go on an artistic and futuristic immersion in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where the grand world winner will have his illustration converted into NFT. Registration is free and is possible until March 31.

Winner in 2014 and member of the jury at the last edition of the event, in 2017, Ramar Gama points out that the experience of the event has changed his life.

“The experience of the event is something unique as I had never seen a doodle oriented drawing contest before. Winning opened the possibility for unprecedented experiences, such as a trip to South Africa, where I met new people and different cultures, which enriched my work. The event had a huge impact on my life. Many people resort to my work because of this and talk about collabs. And our country has huge potential to win, as there are many art styles, millions of potential participants and rich cultural diversity.”

The Brazilian won the 2017 edition and achieved international fame

Alef Vernon, champion in the 2017 edition and nearly 200,000 followers on a social network, represented Brazil at the event. With the experience, the Amazon says he experienced a magical moment that gave him confidence in showcasing his art.

“It was a great honor to participate and to have the opportunity to represent Amazonas at the time. Becoming a champion was a big surprise, because I wasn’t so confident in my art at the time. In the doodle were many references to the culture, fauna, flora and cuisine of my state and region, often unknown in Brazil. Showing this drawing, with this image of my hometown, to the world was a magical moment.”

All entries are judged by specialists in the country and 40 works go through to the national final. This way an artist wins the chance to represent Brazil in the Netherlands in May 2023.

According to Red Bull, a doodle is generally a very simple drawing, the meaning of which can be concrete or abstract, depending on the author.

The Brazilian winner will also be guided by an artist to improve techniques for the world stage, with workshops and an exclusive immersion where technology and art collide. In addition, the Brazilian art champion will also be transformed into NFT.

Source: Live Coins