Meet the cryptocurrency companies selected by Endeavor this year

Endeavor has selected some cryptocurrency and blockchain companies through its Scale-Up program to participate in its acceleration program. The “2023.1” initiative marks an important movement showing interest in companies using decentralized technologies.

One of the options chosen is the brokerage, a platform that enables its clients to trade cryptocurrencies using technology from reference providers and follows global compliance frameworks. This way your negotiations for customers are safe and efficient.

The Endeavor program allows companies to connect with mentors, venture capitalists and grow their business safely.

Which Cryptocurrency Companies Accelerated by the Endeavor Scale-UP 2023 Program?

In addition to Digitra, three other cryptocurrency companies received attention in the new Endeavor program, one of the largest networks of entrepreneurs in Brazil.

So Cryptum is another one that is getting support, a Blockforce solution, that provides a complete infrastructure for companies to integrate their businesses on Web3. This makes exploring blockchain technology an easier process for interested companies.

Another blockchain-based technology is Credix, which connects global investors with credit fintechs, primarily in emerging markets.

In the “Crypto” sector, the latest accelerator is KillB, a financial infrastructure provider for Web2 and Web3 companies. The company’s solution makes it possible to set up a crypto company quickly and without bureaucracy.

The profile of the 4 chosen cryptocurrency companies was also revealed by Endeavor, who shared information about the companies such as average revenue, number of employees and funding received until 2022.

Profile of Cryptocurrency Companies Chosen by Endeavor Scale-Ups 2023
Profile of cryptocurrency companies chosen by Endeavor Scale-Ups 2023. Credit: Endeavor.

Other companies chosen in the program

With Brazilians’ interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, Endeavor’s new program highlights solutions that aim to improve the market.

In addition to the crypto market, Endeavor Scale-Up 2023.1 will also help Fintechs, B2B Enterprise, B2B SMB, Healthtech, B2C – Consumer Tech and GreenTech.

A total of 59 companies from different regions of Brazil will be able to improve their networks and scale their business in a sustainable way.

“We have selected 59 scale-ups to be accelerated in the Scale-Up Endeavor 2023.1 Program. These are high-growth companies with the potential for impact, that have crossed borders and come from seven Brazilian states plus the Federal District, California and New York. Together they had a turnover of BRL 408.5 million in 2022, brought in BRL 1.5 billion, in addition to generating about 3,000 jobs.”

What are scaleups?

“Scale-up” companies are companies that have moved beyond the initial “start-up” phase and have a validated business model and an established customer base, and are now ready to scale their operations and grow rapidly.

Such companies are generally already through the product development phase and are looking to increase their market presence, increase sales and expand their business.

Thus, Endeavor’s new gear shows that companies in the cryptocurrency market are increasingly recognized in Brazil. In addition, it shows opportunities to develop business in the sector for new entrepreneurs.

Source: Live Coins