Palmeiras players lose millions in cryptocurrency scam

At least two players from Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras lost millions in a coup d’état on the cryptocurrency market, allegedly carried out by the companies Xlan and Soluções Tecnologia Eireli.

In addition, the company WLJC, which partners Fluminente player William Bigode, is named in the lawsuit as part of the fraud, according to information released by ESPN.

In total, the financial loss left a trail of more than 11 million reais for right-back Mayke and midfielder Gustavo Scarpa, a former Palmeiras player who now plays for Nottingham Forest.

Palmeiras players are filing a lawsuit against cryptocurrency scams asking for the return of values

It all started in May 2022, when Palmeiras players discovered a promising new investment with cryptocurrencies. With promises of big returns, between 3.5% and 5% per month, players have entrusted large fortunes to the plan.

However, the problems came when the values ​​were redeemed, which were not released by the companies. As a result, the case went to court, with the victims trying to break the contract with the company that suspended payments.

According to ESPN, the company Xland did not meet the deadline set in the contract. In addition, the company has not explained where the players’ money is, leaving them without support.

William Bigode’s company, WLJC, is also a defendant in the lawsuit, as it reported and cooperated with Xland’s services. In the case brought by the Palmeiras players, they must be jointly and severally liable for the damage caused.

Finally, Soluções Tecnologia Eireli has direct ties to the alleged fraud, as it received amounts in fiat currency and converted into cryptocurrencies. After the conversion, everything was passed on to Xland, the process indicates.

Gustavo Scarpa had the biggest loss

Outside Brazil, the player Gustavo Scarpa claims to have lost R$6.3 million with the companies’ action. He was supposed to pay back his money in August 2022, but he was unable to do so and filed a lawsuit in São Paulo against the possible plan.

The lateral Mayke, who lost R$4.5 million, is also pleading against the scheme in a court in São Paulo. He was supposed to withdraw his income in October 2022, but he also claims that it is impossible to recover amounts.

Fantástico, from Globo, is preparing a full coverage of the case next Sunday (12), where it will present the parties and trials.

Both lawsuits call for an urgent blocking of the assets of the suspects, so that they cannot run off with the victims’ money.

Xland blames FTX brokerage for delays, but brokerage didn’t break until November 2022

By Advertising Aqui, in a complaint pointing to evidence of pyramid schemes by Xland, the company claims to have had problems with the fall of the FTX brokerage.

“Due to the whole situation we had with FTX, we had this delay, all of the company’s advisors were informed and instructed to communicate the situation to the clients, and any doubts or clarifications are provided via WhatsApp in the financial sector of the company and by email. mail in compliance: [email protected].”

However, Gustavo Scarpa has not been able to withdraw any amounts from Xland since August, indicating that the company’s speech does not coincide with the end of FTX, which only happened in November 2022.

Source: Live Coins