Visa says it has ambitious plans for cryptocurrencies

Cuy Sheffield, Head of Cryptocurrency at Visasaid this Monday (24) that the company has ambitious plans for the cryptocurrency sector.

Then the executive left a link to a job posting for software engineers, where there were more clues about what these plans would be.

“We have an ambitious cryptocurrency product roadmap at Visa and we just opened some requirements for senior software engineers to help us drive mainstream adoption of public blockchain networks and stablecoin payments.”

What are Visa’s plans for cryptocurrencies?

While cryptocurrencies could pose a threat to Visa as they are also payment systems, the giant understood that such assets would be an opportunity to expand its business to new audiences.

In 2021, Cuy Sheffield himself stated that cryptocurrencies were becoming cultural. Now, the director reaffirmed that Visa has ambitious plans for the industry.

On Visa’s own job posting page for software engineers, you can find some details about what the company is up to.

“Visa’s cryptocurrency team is building the next generation of products to make trading easier in everyone’s digital and mobile lives.”

“Our focus is on creating intuitive features that uncover deep new values ​​for our customers”continues Visa’s text. “We hire experienced software engineers who are proficient programmers, experienced in building highly available and scalable backend systems, and passionate about Web3.”

One of the requirements is knowledge of first and second tier solutions, as well as experience in Solidity, the language used in Ethereum smart contracts. “Understanding the new Ethereum improvements, for example the [padrão] ERC-4337”continues the text.

That is, it shows that Visa is interested in the Ethereum ecosystem. As Sheffield stressed, stablecoins would be one of the company’s focus points, but new use cases would also be closely monitored.

Source: Live Coins