CPI of Cryptocurrencies competes with MST, football game manipulation and Americanas balance

The CPI on cryptocurrencies, submitted to the Chamber of Deputies in early April 2023, must compete for approval as other parliamentary committees of inquiry try to occupy the legislative agenda.

One is the MST’s CPI, submitted by Deputy Lieutenant Colonel Zucco (Republicanos-RS). The MP is asking that deputies examine a possible increase in land invasions by the Landless Rural Workers Movement in 2023.

In addition, another CPI request asks for an investigation into facts related to the manipulation of results at football matches. In recent months, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Goiás has been investigating a sports betting company that would contribute to the manipulation of results at football matches.

Even players from big clubs even cooperated in the investigations after the case came to light and investigated their involvement with fraudulent companies.

Finally, another CPI request that has stalled in the Chamber of Deputies concerns investigations into inconsistencies in the Lojas Americanas balance sheet. With shares listed on Brazil’s stock exchange, the big company collapsed after a CEO pointed out botched financial disclosures in recent years, and today faces a wide-ranging investigation in the country.

President of the House says that approval of CPIs has no influence on agendas

The establishment of a CPI in the Chamber of Deputies is subject to the approval of the President, who initiates the debates.

According to Agência Câmara de Notícias, President Arthur Lira (PP-AL) stated that any approval of the CPIs will not affect the progress of agendas in plenary.

“The CPI is generally a tool of minorities. If it happens, let it happen, but what we will appreciate is the continuity of the agenda.”

Everything indicates that the MST’s CPI should be created this week, which could jeopardize the start of cryptocurrencies research.

It is worth remembering that the National Congress is also working on the possible establishment of the CPMI on anti-democratic laws. At this time, delegates and senators can participate in debates and participate in the legislative agenda.

What is the CPI of cryptocurrencies?

The CPI on Cryptocurrencies emerged in Brazil in recent years, after parliamentarians called for an inquiry and investigation into fraud in the market. Companies like Atlas Quantum, GAS Consultoria and others may have left traces of losses in Brazil, a situation that has caught the interest of the legislature.

In 2023, the new deputies who won the 2022 elections again asked for the installation of the CPI. Thus, some of the investors who have fallen victim to scams related to the image of cryptocurrencies expect a major repercussion on the cases, which may be subject to criminal investigation in the future.

With this, it is clear that only scams involving the cryptocurrency market will participate in the CPI debates, if approved by Arthur Lira. However, it is not clear if it will be able to launch any time soon, due to competition with other committees waiting to start.

Source: Live Coins