US Sentences Founder of Satanic Church selling Bitcoin without permission

In a note published this Tuesday (25), the US Department of Justice issued Aria DiMezzo’s prison sentence for selling more than $3 million worth of cryptocurrencies.

According to the report, DiMezzo was not licensed to operate this type of business, which allowed several scammers to launder money through her services.

In addition to the sentence of 18 months in prison and one year of probation, a fine of US$5,000 was also imposed. Approximately 1.93 bitcoin and US$14,000 were also seized, such amounts equating to R$290,000 and R$70,000 respectively.

Americana used satanic church to process transactions

The Justice Department describes the lawsuit, citing that Aria DiMezzo used other exchanges, such as LocalBitcoins, to lure customers to her own business.

Another point that draws attention is that part of the dollars involved in trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has gone through the account of a satanic church founded by the accused himself.

“Her clients sent her money through bank accounts in her name and in the name of an organization she founded, the Satanic Reformed Church.”

“The defendant’s unlicensed Bitcoin trading allowed scammers of all types to anonymously obtain their victims’ money”said US attorney Jane Young. “Today’s ruling sends an important message that those selling bitcoin, like other exchangers, must register and adhere to rules designed to ensure that these businesses are not used to facilitate fraud.”

In addition to DiMezzo, the US also reported the arrest of Ian Freeman. According to the note, the American was responsible for helping to acquire new customers and received a share of the profits. His sentence will be announced in July this year.

“DiMezzo has never filed currency transaction reports for transactions over $10,000 or suspicious activity reports for transactions over $2,000 that could involve, among other things, money originating from illegal activities.”

Finally, the DoJ reports that DiMezzo traded the equivalent of more than US$3 million (R$15 million) worth of cryptocurrencies between 2020 and 2021, without reporting suspicious movements or above US$2,000 to authorities during the period in which he worked. in the branch.

Source: Live Coins