Twitter founder says his new social network is Bitcoin’s ally in the fight against governments

Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, is launching yet another social network, the Blue sky. In a commentary published this weekend, the director pointed out that his new venture is allied with Bitcoin in the fight against governments.

His speech was found on Nostr, a decentralized social network Dorsey has been using since Twitter was sold to fellow billionaire Elon Musk.

Dorsey seems concerned about censorship and has also pledged a donation of 10.5 bitcoins to anyone who creates a decentralized GitHub along the lines of Nostr.

The fight is against governments, says Dorsey

While Bitcoin offers a solution to separate money from the state, Jack Dorsey believes social networks like Nostr and Bluesky can be a tool for free speech.

However, the founder of Twitter agrees that governments will try to curb adoption of these technologies. Although unnamed, the motives are clear, controlling the people.

“My 2 sats: Bitcoin, Nostr, Bluesky, Web5 all have bigger battles to fight – the ~200 countries with government, military, money and power will keep them from global adoption”be a user on it. “Our fights aren’t against each other, at least not in our lifetimes, I think.”

“I agree with that”noted Jack Dorsey. “Bitcoin, nostr, bluesky, web5 and others are all on the same team.”

Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, about Bitcoin and Bluesky on Nostr.

The new social network, BlueSky, is already in its early stages and invitations are already being sent out to new users. Web5, also mentioned by Dorsey, would be an evolution of the still nascent web3, but aimed at total decentralization.

Jack Dorsey and Bitcoin

In addition to making weekly Bitcoin contributions, Jack Dorsey’s involvement with the largest cryptocurrency in the market goes much further. Through Block, formerly Square, the executive has several programs to accelerate BTC adoption.

One of the best examples is the bet on the Lightning Network, a second tier solution that allows for instant transactions and almost zero fees. However, Block also wants to democratize Bitcoin mining with the development of a new ASIC.

Finally, while several projects are managed by executives, Bitcoin’s major difference is its community connection. That is, such decentralization is what drew Dorsey and so many others to this world.

Source: Live Coins