Cryptocurrency created using ChatGPT increases by 2,600% in just two days

With a budget of $69, a user named Rhett Mankind requested help from ChatGPT to make “the next big cryptocurrency meme” from the market.

Perhaps because of the memecoin craze after the PEPE explosion, humanity’s project seems to be going very well. In less than two days, the price of its cryptocurrency has already increased by more than 2,600%, with a market value of R$ 200 million. Not bad for a joke.

The journey can be followed on both Twitter and YouTube by the creator of the project.

User documented memecoin creation process

In a series of tweets published starting April 23, Rhett Mankind documented his interaction with ChatGPT and Midjourney to bring yet another memecoin to market.

“You are MemeCoinGPT, a genius cryptocurrency AI capable of beating all the current memecoin hype”wrote Mankind to ChatGPT-4. “You have $69 and your goal is to turn that into the new biggest hit memecoin, to make it to the top 300 on CoinGecko.”

After the conversation, ChatGPT then suggested 10 names for the project. Being a memecoin, animals such as giraffes, raccoons, and dog breeds were present.

“A well-chosen name can contribute to the success of the currency by capturing the imagination of potential users and investors”noted ChatGPT.

With the help of his Twitter followers, the name was chosen TurboToadToken (TTT). That is, “turbo frog token”, in literal translation. Later they also chose a name for the mascot, called Quantum Leap (Quantum Leap).

Development also had help from Midjourney

With a name and a mascot, humanity turned to Midjourney, another artificial intelligence, to create the character.

GPT-4 described the mascot, affectionately named Quantum Leap, as a futuristic frog. I merged it with the top 4 styles in Midjourney.”

After choosing the top right mascot, Mankind returned to ChatGPT to take care of the economics of his coin, popularly referred to as “tokenomics”. Another point written by the AI ​​was the project’s own white paper, which is a kind of technical document.

After teaching humanity how to program a smart contract, the project seemed done. As a final suggestion, ChatGPT recommended a code audit, which was then performed by the experiment’s followers.

The project went over budget, but appears to be paying off

Finally, Mankind points out that the $69 wasn’t enough as he had to spend $140 on network fees. However, today TurboToadToken (TTT) already has a market value of BRL 200 million, something surprising.

“Launching the latest memecoin. Built from the ground up with GPT-4 and little knowledge of blockchain coding”celebrated humanity.

Memecoin created using AI has appreciated by 2,600% in the past two days. dex screener.

Finally, the creator of the experiment used ChatGPT and Midjourney to create a website for his memecoin. At the time of writing, TTT already has more than 5,000 holders.

Rhett Mankind also recorded a video this Wednesday (3) explaining how he used AI to create a R$200 million memecoin. The content can be viewed below.

Source: Live Coins