Google Cloud is promoting Bitcoin’s Lightning Network through a new partnership

O Google Cloud recently announced a partnership with Tensiona provider of Lightning as a Service (LaaS) who works with Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

The announcement notes that Voltage is using Google Cloud to expand into new countries to serve businesses that need to create micropayments, make cross-border payments or save money transfer fees.

“By using Voltage and Google Cloud, customers can deploy their workloads globally through two leading vendors.”

Operation of the Bitcoin Lightning Network services offered by Voltage. Source: Playback.

Another point highlighted by the announcement is that “Google Cloud is at the forefront of supporting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.”

Google Cloud announces partnership with Bitcoin Company

The partnership was announced this Thursday (1st) via Google Cloud’s Twitter, leaving a great highlight on how Bitcoin and the Lightning Network are becoming common currency on the internet.

“An innovation coming out of the blockchain space is the Lightning Network, a protocol for sending money over the internet using Bitcoin.”

In the comments, several Bitcoin users cheered the news, believing it could accelerate bitcoin’s global adoption.

Finally, Google Cloud’s plans regarding cryptocurrencies have been around since early 2022. On that date, Google established a team dedicated to digital assets and blockchain. Several collaborations have been announced since then. As a highlight, Google is already running Ethereum nodes.

Voltage has a 7-day free trial and an easy-to-use interface.

Testing Voltage services, a company that partners with Google Cloud, the live coins found quite an intuitive user interface. That is, this factor can attract the attention of people who have no technical knowledge about Bitcoin.

Tension user interface.

In addition to creating Lightning Network nodes such as LND and BTCPay Server, Voltage also offers integration with other tools such as Nostr, a social network created by a Brazilian.

The price of services varies. For a BTCPay Server node, the price is $8.76 (R$44) per month. The monthly fee for LND’s Lightning Node has three different values, as indicated at the beginning of this article.

The good news is that Voltage offers a 7-day free trial. also the live coins also found $10 in credit on the platform, probably offered to buy some service during this testing period.

Source: Live Coins