El Salvador is bringing a Bitcoin course to Cuba for the first time

An initiative by Bitcoin fans in El Salvador will export all their knowledge to Cuba and teach students how to transact with the largest decentralized digital currency in the world.

In El Salvador, the Mi Primer Bitcoin initiative has helped locals understand the basics of the digital currency. In the country, Bitcoin has been an official currency alongside the US dollar since September 2021.

And with many relying on remittances from relatives living abroad, bitcoin has proven to be the best way to receive support from relatives. This is because, in addition to the cheap transaction fees, sending digital currencies is safe and without intermediaries.

It is worth remembering that both countries are located in Central America, a region that has spawned pro-bitcoin initiatives since El Salvador adopted the digital currency.

The people of Cuba are getting free bitcoin lessons with the help of the El Salvador initiative

More than 300,000 Salvadorans have already learned about bitcoin using Mi Primer Bitcoin. The program has already contributed to the issuance of more than 7,700 diplomas for face-to-face bitcoin courses.

Now, with a mission to help the people of Cuba use money without government interference, the company wants to teach the basics of bitcoin. All students perform activities for free and in weekly meetings.

In addition, by the end of the course, everyone will have access to a first bitcoin wallet and understand how to configure their own nodes.

โ€œMi Primer Bitcoin is an educational program successfully implemented in El Salvador and other countries.โ€

The Cuban people are beginning to learn about free currency

Cuba is one of the countries embargoed by the United States, causing difficulties for the local population in foreign trade. In addition, Cuban companies are also unable to expand their activities and are limited to the command of the island’s socialist government.

Major financial transfer companies have already left the country because of the embargoes. But since 2021, some businesses in Cuba have started accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment, a currency that works without intermediaries.

Realizing that there is no way to control Bitcoin, the government of Cuba has begun to recognize and regulate the use of the currency in the country, even though a section of the population already carries out its activities without supervision.

The chance to access a global currency and transact without interference from dictatorial governments remains one of bitcoin’s main advantages.

Source: Live Coins