Celebrities who reveal pyramids must respond criminally, says MP for the prosecutor

The Financial Pyramids CPI held two public hearings last Tuesday (5). In one of the conversations, a prosecutor from Minas Gerais stated that celebrities who promote financial pyramid schemes should respond civilly and criminally.

In addition, the prosecution understands that if an artist discloses a criminal scheme and is aware of the fraud, he must be held accountable for it.

During the ongoing investigations at the Financial Pyramids CPI, some suspicious companies used celebrity imagery to solicit investors.

One of the cases with major consequences in the investigations concerns the companies 18k Ronaldinho It is LBLV, both schemes using the image of Ronaldinho Gaúcho. The former player made his statement to the CPI at the end of August.

Atlas Quantum used the image of the actors Caua Reymond, Tata Werneck and Marcelo Tas. The CPI has asked for the famous banking secrecy to be broken and is investigating whether they had any stakes in the companies besides advertising.

Be that as it may, everything indicates that the investigations will make progress, in the quest to understand how the pyramids entrap their victims in financial schemes.

In CPI or Financial Pyramids, a public hearing recommends specific punishments for crimes

According to Agência Câmara de Notícias, Edson Garutti, the general coordinator of the Institutional Coordination of the Department of Asset Recovery of the Ministry of Justice, has proposed to the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) of the Financial Pyramids a specific definition for the crime of pyramid financing in law against crimes against the economic order.

Garutti argued that the lack of this definition has hindered the work of investigative authorities and the punishment of perpetrators. Some plans are being investigated as theft, others as crimes against the national financial system, and there are still cases of crimes against the people’s economy.

There is even confusion among the victimized citizen when it comes to denouncing pyramid schemes“, he said.

Pyramid crimes with the image of famous

Federal Deputy Paulo Bilynskyj (PL-SP) questioned Minas Gerais Prosecutor’s Office (MP) Prosecutor, responsible for the Black Monday operation, Eduardo Machado, whether the participation of digital influencers and artists as promoters of pyramid schemes can currently be criminally punished.

Do you see the criminal liability of influencers from the moment they advertise a pyramid that clearly offers profits that are not possible according to the structure of the financial market?‘ he wondered.

According to Eduardo Machado, the big problem is knowing whether or not the person, in addition to lending his image, knew it was something illegal. “When someone is aware that that good or service is illegal in nature and yet associates his image with it, either by attracting people or by imparting reliability, he can respond civilly and criminally.“, clarified.

Next Wednesday (6th), the CPI will meet again and will vote on requests to call witnesses.

Source: Live Coins