Google is changing its advertising policies to allow ads for NFTs and blockchain games

Beginning September 15, 2023, those advertising their products on Google can request that creatives appear in NFT’s gaming environments.

With the change, Google has indicated that it will give more space to blockchain-based applications and cryptocurrency resources.

In September 2023, Google will update the Cryptocurrency and Related Products Policy to clarify the scope and requirements for advertising blockchain-based games involving NFTs”, the publication said.

New Google policy releases NFT game ads, see what can be done

In 2021, several games based on NFT and blockchain applications appeared on the market. With simple and unsafe applications, many of them quickly ceased to exist. In between the collapses, many gamers took a huge loss, pointing out that some games practiced financial pyramid schemes.

But with the maturity of the market and players, everything points to a new cycle of NFT games with more quality coming.

And in a context like this, players will be able to allow Google ads in their games, providing an additional source of income for their creators.

As of September 15, 2023, advertisers offering NFT games that do not promote gambling-related content can advertise these products and services if they meet the following requirementssays a comment from Google Ads.

Released games allow players to purchase items in their environment, such as clothing, weapons, and armor. Purchases for in-game consumption won’t pose a problem for games, which could start showing ads as early as next week.

Google Ads NFT Games
Google Ads NFT Games

Rules prohibit gambling with NFTs, cryptocurrencies are also not allowed

Google’s release of ads in NFT games could help many developers monetize their applications. However, if the game contains a betting or gambling mechanism with blockchain-based applications, Google will not release your ads.

In addition, a NFT games that allow players to exchange their items for cryptocurrencies in the real world will also not be able to display Google ads.

Another prohibition concerns the use of online casinos that work with NFTs and that are also not allowed to display advertisements.

According to the new post, anyone interested in displaying ads in their gaming apps should get Google certification and avoid getting involved in the disallowed rules. Another important detail concerns compliance with the local rules of the countries, which can not be violated by NFT games at any time.

Source: Live Coins