Telegram Integrates Bitcoin Wallet for 800 Million Users, TON Cryptocurrency Soars

The cryptocurrency TON has been permanently integrated with Telegram, meaning 800 million people can now integrate their bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets into the instant messaging application.

The announcement took place last Wednesday (13) during the Token2049 event in Singapore. With this, Telegram confirms once and for all the adoption of TON in its ecosystem.

Before the announcement, Ton already appeared in an application called ‘Wallet’ within Telegram. But now every user who logs into your app can access the integrated wallet in the settings menu.

Cryptocurrency wallet integrated with Telegram
Cryptocurrency wallet integrated with Telegram.

“Biggest Web3 integration ever,” says Ton as he confirms his bitcoin wallet has been included in Telegram

The official cryptocurrency profile on Twitter called the integration of the Ton wallet into Telegram the biggest Web3 event and celebrated the news this Wednesday.

In addition, for the first users who viewed the message, some free TON units were distributed to investors.

Considered the main competitor of WhatsApp, the instant messaging application is taking the lead in the cryptocurrency market. WhatsApp, part of Meta, the group that owns Facebook, has not yet announced any plans to integrate into the cryptocurrency market.

Telegram, whose founder is a fugitive from Russia, Pavel Durov, is taking the opportunity to improve its application in new advanced forms of global payments.

Pavel has even presented himself as a bitcoin investor and fan of blockchain technology. At the beginning of TON’s creation, the Telegram-linked cryptocurrency received formal support from the company, but after pressure from regulators, they publicly declared that the project was decentralized and community created.

TON cryptocurrency rises in the market after announcement

The cryptocurrency Toncoin (TON) has experienced high volatility after announcing the Telegram integration of its wallet.

This comes as the cryptocurrency, listed at US$1.78, quickly skyrocketed to US$1.95, gaining almost 10% in value in less than 24 hours on the market.

Over the past 12 months, Toncoin has seen a 6.5% increase in the market against the dollar, occupying the 12th position in market capitalization.

However, despite the good momentum of the cryptocurrency’s response, it may suffer from service disruptions, mainly at the request of regulators. In Brazil, for example, the Telegram-linked cryptocurrency plummeted following a decision by the STF to request the blocking of the service in the country.

In any case, the step of integrating a cryptocurrency and bitcoin wallet can make the topic even more widely known and help in the adoption of new payment technologies.

Source: Live Coins