Killer Whales: New reality show about cryptocurrencies gets trailer

In a co-production between HELLO Labs and CoinMarketCap, a Binance Group company, the first season of the reality show ‘Killer Whales’ will arrive in January 2024.

With a similarity to the ‘Shark Tank’ program, but focused on the cryptocurrency market, this could become the industry’s biggest reality show ever. The show’s co-producers intend to broadcast the program in 55 countries.

For new investors in the cryptocurrency market and Web3 enthusiasts, the program can teach the basics of various technologies. Moreover, it can provide great opportunities for investors to pay attention to the crypto market, which has grown enormously in recent years and promises to pave the way for a new Internet.

New reality show Killer Whales gets its first trailer and aims to show how cryptocurrencies work

On its official profile, CoinMarketCap celebrated the arrival of the first trailer for the opening season of KillerWhales, or “Killer Whales”, in its literal translation.

“The KillerWhales season 1 trailer has been released! We were impressed by all the innovative ideas and look forward to sharing them with you cryptocurrency developers.”

When assessing projects, judges will be able to vote to support the initiatives or recommend that they sink, the equivalent of no support. In January 2024, the market will begin to take note of the evaluated projects.

The co-producer will also launch HELLO TV, a streaming service to present the new reality show. In addition, HELLO is looking for partnerships with services that broadcast programs in 55 countries.

The judges include Mario Nawfal, Anthony Scaramucci, Wendy O, Alex Finn (NFT GOD), Ran Neuner, Gracy Chen, Yepheniia Broshevan, Kevin Sonei (kmoney) and “illaDaProducer”, as well as the twins who own the Altcoin Daily channel, Austin and Aaron Arnold. Rapper Snoop Dogg’s son Cordell Broadus will also be one of the judges.

Watch the official trailer in the video below.

CoinMarketCap will help generate an audience for the program

The new reality show has been highly anticipated for the past few years and its production finally has a start date.

According to the project’s official website, with over 340 million monthly visitors and more than 22,000 listed projects, CoinMarketCap is an ideal production partner for Killer Whales, giving the show a global reach both on and off camera.

In its role as co-producers, CoinMarketCap will lead the execution of the projects that will appear on the show, providing on-screen data and community feedback during episodes, with the platform focused on community usability.

Source: Live Coins