Police raid prison with zoo, swimming pool and Bitcoin mining company

Last Wednesday (20), Venezuela made more than 11,000 police and military personnel available to Tocoron, a prison previously controlled by a gang. The place looked like a mini city, containing a zoo, nightclub, casino, swimming pool, tunnels and even a Bitcoin mining company.

According to reports, the zoo housed lions, tigers, pumas and crocodiles, which were also used to threaten other inmates as well as government officials working at the prison.

On social media, President Nicolás Maduro congratulated the actions of the armed forces. He then revealed plans to continue with the operation aimed at ridding Venezuela of gangs.

Venezuela’s strange prison, which looks more like a mini-city

In addition to convicts, Tocoron Prison also housed the prisoners’ families, who were more like the owners of the place, with playgrounds for children and even a supermarket. Until then, the place was controlled by Tren de Aragua, the largest criminal organization in Venezuela.

Playground in Tocoron Prison, Venezuela.  Source: Daily Mail.
Playground in Tocoron Prison, Venezuela. Source: Daily Mail.
Swimming pool at Tocoron prison in Venezuela.  Source: Daily Mail.
Swimming pool at Tocoron prison in Venezuela. Source: Daily Mail.

The adults had fun too. A small zoo had exotic animals such as big cats and flamingos, as well as a baseball diamond and a casino. At night, the prisoners visited a nightclub called Tokyo.

“During my visits to the Venezuelan prison of Tocoron, I captured rare and never-before-seen scenes from inside”said journalist Michael Baljet. “A unique place led by inmate Niño Guerrero, complete with a swimming pool, zoo, nightclub, shops and even a bank.”

Zoo in Tocoron Prison.  Source: Daily Mail.
Zoo in Tocoron Prison. Source: Daily Mail.

The Venezuelan prison also had a Bitcoin mining company

Despite the infrastructure, which resembled an ordinary town, the prison soon showed its criminal side. In other photos and videos it is possible to see various weapons, ammunition and even grenades.

Even more curious than that were the cryptocurrency mining equipment found on the site.

Apparently the gang had no costs for the energy used by the equipment, which could have led to a good financial return, as a bonus for other crimes committed by the gang.

“Another look at the Bitcoin miners seized after the Tocoron prison raid in Venezuela. Besides motorcycles, an endless amount of ammunition and all kinds of weapons.”

On social media, Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro congratulated the police and military personnel who took part in the action, noting that the operation will have a second phase.

“I congratulate the more than 11,000 members of FANB and the police services on the successful intervention at the Tocoron Penitentiary Center”said Maduro. “Now we are preparing for the second phase of the liberation operation Cacique Guaicaipuro. We are moving towards a Venezuela free of criminal gangs!”

Finally, underground tunnels were also found at the site, which may have been used by some prisoners to escape from the site upon the authorities’ arrival.

Source: Live Coins