Ex-Ethereum Developer Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison

Virgil Griffith is a well-known name within the Ethereum community, in addition to being one of the developers of the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, Griffith eventually became involved in a major investigation into its activities, accused of helping North Korea evade economic sanctions

The case started after Griffith went to North Korea to give a lecture on cryptocurrencies and specifically on Ethereum. During his speech, he even commented on how cryptocurrencies can be used to evade different types of financial sanctions.

As news of this lecture began to circulate around the world, US and even Russian officials soon accused Griffith of conspiring with North Korea to help the country and circumvent its sanctions. Even the FBI launched an investigation against Griffith forcing the Ethereum developer to plead guilty.

The result of this research was recently announced, with: Griffith is sentenced to 5 years in prison for his “advice” to North Korea on how to circumvent sanctions imposed by other authorities.

According to the information provided by NBC, Griffith admitted to speaking at a cryptocurrency conference in Pyongyan in 2019 about the benefits of this market, despite the ban by US authorities.

Prosecutors say he advised more than 100 people at the conference, including several North Korean government officials and officials. In addition, the court documents also state that the programmer has developed an infrastructure with cryptocurrency equipment in North Korea.

“Griffith is an American citizen who chose to avoid sanctions in his own country to provide services to a hostile foreign power. he did so in the knowledge that the government – ​​North Korea – had engaged in atrocities against its own people and made threats against the United States citing its nuclear capabilities,” read the court documents signed. by prosecutors.

As a result, Griffith was sentenced to 63 months in prison, about 5 years, which is not ideal for his lawyer, but much better than the maximum 20 years he could have been sentenced to under US law.

Griffith’s attorney went so far as to say he’s disappointed in the sentencing, but he thought it was positive that the judge recognized Virgil’s commitment to move forward with his life productively and that he’s a talented individual who has a lot to offer. to contribute to society in the future.

Source: Live Coins