Santa Catarina’s civilian police ban military personnel from mining cryptocurrencies

A new regulation of the Civil Police of Santa Catarina, released last Monday (25), prohibits military personnel and civil servants from mining cryptocurrencies while using the local network or intranet.

Through Resolution No. 18/GAB/DGPC/PCSC of 21/09/2023, the PCSC “regulates the use of the network, intranet and Internet within the scope of the Civil Police of Santa Catarina (PCSC), and establishes other measures“.

The document signed by Ulisses Gabriel, Delegate General of the Civil Police of the State of Santa Catarina, also provides for surveillance in an attempt to determine if anyone is not adhering to the measures.

Understand how the new regulations banning cryptocurrency mining by the Santa Catarina Civil Police work

The importance of cryptocurrency mining lies in maintaining the security and integrity of blockchains, such as Bitcoin. Miners play a crucial role in validating transactions and ensuring that the transaction data is not subject to tampering.

Furthermore, mining is an incentive mechanism to encourage participation in the network by rewarding miners with cryptocurrencies for their work. For many, cryptocurrency mining can also be an important source of income and provide investment and profit opportunities, especially when combined with the appreciation of cryptocurrencies.

However, the use of public equipment and networks for this task can be considered a new form of administrative improbability, at least in the civilian police of Santa Catarina.

The new regulations established by the Livecoins recommends participants in the organizational network to “refrain from conducting cryptocurrency mining“.

The Santa Catarina Civil Police bans users of its internet network from mining cryptocurrencies
The Civil Police of Santa Catarina bans users of its internet network from mining cryptocurrencies./Reproduction: DOSC.

The new ban is in fact part of a package of measures aimed at protecting the internal environment of the civilian police and guiding the behavior of officers in pursuit of the goal.

An official has already been prosecuted in Brazil for mining cryptocurrencies on the service

In fact, the new standard does not scare Brazilian officials too much, as some cases in Brazil practice have already highlighted.

In 2021, at the Marília Municipal Water and Sewerage Department, a government employee’s computer was caught with several mining programs. When he responded to an administrative case, he defended himself, but was ultimately suspended and almost lost his job.

This is a situation that has already involved an investigation into cryptocurrency mining using public sector energy.

It is worth remembering that the use of equipment and resources of a particular organization for mining, whether private or public, can be seen as an improper use of the company’s assets, reducing the productivity and resources allocated to the assigned to the company’s main activities will be harmed.

Source: Live Coins