Fake Binance WhatsApp Groups Promise Free Cryptocurrencies

In recent months, several fake WhatsApp employees and groups have impersonated Binance employees and messaged cryptocurrency investors in Brazil.

With the most common situation, a reader of the live coins said he was approached by one of these profiles in a curious situation. This is because, in addition to talking to the alleged supporter, who had a phone number registered in Brazil, he was invited to join a signals group.

What draws attention to the escalation of scams using the company’s image is that Binance owns the largest volume of cryptocurrency trading in Brazil. That is, crimes against investors try to take advantage of the platform’s fame to create easy wealth schemes and mislead people.

Fake Binance WhatsApp Group Promises Free Cryptocurrencies

The way the fraudulent profiles that claim to represent Binance work is drawing attention to WhatsApp. This is because in addition to stating that they are part of the broker’s official support, such profiles also suggest that they can give away cryptocurrencies for free.

In order to “earn” these cryptocurrencies, potential victims of the scheme approach to inquire that there are groups that specialize in buy and sell signals. Customers are also being tricked into clearing doubts within the group, a practice that can be used to steal information from investors.

Last Tuesday (12), one of the profiles tried to hit a Brazilian with practice, but he understood that it was a scam and avoided paying attention to the case. This practice is becoming more common and it is important for market investors, whether or not they are brokerage, to be wary of suspicious approaches.

Alleged Binance Employee Messages an Investor Inviting Him to Join a Suspicious Group
Alleged Binance employee sends a message to an investor, inviting him to join a suspicious group. Live Coins.

Besides sending the link to the fake Binance investment group, the fake clerk still charges people to join the group. Informing that the latest information and investment advice will be disclosed in the group and that clients may have assets. Suspicious practice continues looking for victims

Attendant Sends Fake Binance Group Link Where Investors Would Earn Cryptocurrencies
Attendant sends fake Binance group link where investors would earn cryptocurrencies. Live Coins.

What does the broker say about fake WhatsApp groups?

After contacting the Binance exchange, the report of live coins was informed that WhatsApp is not listed as an official service and support channel.

Another detail that draws attention in the fraudulent practice is that the fake clerks call customers to talk, a bizarre situation that helps identify the scam.

As Binance reports, it is important that customers never share personal information on social media. Finally, the support center on the broker’s website is the official channel for service, through the address “https://www.binance.com/pt-BR/support

Binance reported that it supports customers exclusively through official chat via the company’s app and website. In addition, he warned that representatives of Binance never ask for personal information on social networks, including access passwords, or financial transactions of any kind (wire transfers, deposits, etc.). When in doubt, customers should contact the Support Center.”

Source: Live Coins